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Kit Siang: Is Azam Baki living in ‘dreamland”?

Malaysians wonder whether Azam is fit to be MACC Chief Commissioner “to fight corruption without fear or favour”.

Rally to call for Azam’s arrest

A rally to call for the arrest of Azam Baki will be held in front of Sogo in Kuala Lumpur at 11am this Saturday.

Kit Siang calls for motion to remove Azam

MACC chief no longer an example of integrity in public service.

Parliament select committee members want hearing to proceed, with or without...

The right thing for Azam to do was attend the meeting and then give his reasons.

Lawyers: Azam wrong about parliamentary panel’s powers

Three lawyers have dismissed arguments by Azam Baki against a hearing by a parliamentary committee into his shareholdings, saying he was wrong in his contentions.

Azam’s position as MACC chief no longer tenable

Time that we make sure the Government actually listens to the voices of the people.

MPs: Azam could be in contempt of Parliament for declining special...

PSC members object to postponed Azam hearing.

Azam objects to PSC inquiry, Wednesday hearing postponed indefinitely

Azam claimed if the hearing was to be held on Wednesday as planned and the agenda remained unchanged, then the Dewan Rakyat Standing Orders would be breached.

Ex-MACC oversight board chair Tunku Abdul Aziz: Find out Azam’s source...

Azam Baki’s source of money to purchase shares must be investigated.

Why wait for ‘one day’, spill the beans now, 21 MPs...

Azam Baki has been urged to immediately come clean over his share ownership scandal in two public-listed companies.

Azam ordered to appear at PSC meeting next Wednesday

PSC report will be tabled to the Dewan Rakyat after the Azam inquiry.

Lawyer: PM decides if Azam remains MACC chief

It is the prime minister who decides whether Azam Baki remains in that office.

Azam: Only King can ask me to resign

Under-fire MACC chief commissioner Azam Baki said he “will not back down” over calls for his resignation.

PH chiefs want Azam Baki, Abu Zahar suspended pending probe

Call for new MACC leadership.

Muhyiddin: I didn’t appoint Azam

Muhyiddin passing the buck on Azam Baki appointment.

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