Kit Siang: Only imbeciles think SC fully cleared Azam

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If the majority of the cabinet believes that SC’s “inconclusive finding” was not a declaration of innocence for Azam, then Azam should be asked to go on leave.

Iskandar Puteri MP Lim Kit Siang said the Securities Commission’s (SC) declaration that it was unable to “conclusively establish” if MACC chief commissioner had violated the Securities Industry (Central Depositories) Act 1991 (SICDA) was a test of comprehension for the cabinet.

“There is a simple test of comprehension in Malaysia today – how many ministers agree with MACC Chief Commissioner Azam Baki that he had been declared innocent by the SC of committing any offence against the law?


“Only an imbecile will regard the SC statement as fully clearing Azam of any breach of the law and a declaration that Azam is therefore innocent,” Lim said in a statement.

Azam came under the spotlight over his ownership of 1,930,000 shares in Gets Global Berhad (previously KBES Berhad) on April 30, 2015 worth around RM772,000 at the time.

His shareholding in Gets Global Berhad went down to 1,029,500 as of March 31, 2016, worth around RM340,000 at the time.

He also held 2,156,000 warrants in Excel Force MSC Berhad in March 2016.

The share ownership in 2015 and 2016 had raised questions on whether it was commensurate with his income as a public servant and conflict of interest concerns.

Azam claimed the shares were not his but purchased by his brother in his name, prompting the SC to also get involved over the possible misuse of his trading account.

Yesterday, the SC wrapped up its investigation yesterday with the following statement: “The SC has concluded its enquiry and based on the evidence gathered, the SC is not able to conclusively establish that a breach under section 25(4) Sicda has occurred”.

Under Section 25 of the SICDA, securities accounts with the central depository must be in the name of the beneficial owner or an authorised nominee.

Azam hailed the decision, stating that he was thankful that the SC found he had not committed any offence.

Lim said if the majority of the cabinet believes that SC’s “inconclusive finding” was not a declaration of innocence for Azam but rather leaving the question open and unanswered, then Azam should be asked to go on leave.

“If the cabinet does nothing, which means the cabinet agrees that the SC statement is a statement declaring Azam is innocent, Malaysians are entitled to regard the present cabinet as comprising of ministers of low intellectual standards and powers of comprehension and is the worst cabinet in Malaysian history under nine prime ministers,” the DAP lawmaker said.

Meanwhile, PSM Youth criticised Azam’s take on the SC’s findings.

“PSM Youth is also dismayed at the statement released by Azam Baki following the SC’s statement in which he thanked the SC for finding he did not commit any offence and that it has closed the inquiry file accordingly.

“The statement of the SC did not mention this and Azam Baki as the Chief Commissioner of the MACC to have issued such a statement is a petty and unprofessional move we condemn,” said PSM Youth secretary NG Gandipan.

Gandipan said PSM Youth is dissatisfied with the manner authorities have handled Azam’s case and backed this Saturday’s protest to demand accountability.

“We would encourage all Malaysians who are similarly dissatisfied to join us on the Jan 22 at 11.00am at Sogo, KL to protest against these developments and push for much-needed reforms to the MACC,” he said. – Malaysiakini

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