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Dewan Rakyat Speaker: I changed my mind at the last minute

Azhar Harun has denied claims he was pressured not to allow Nga Kor Ming from chairing yesterday's sitting.

Speaker Azhar: I’ll leave it to PM to decide my future

Dewan Rakyat Speaker Azhar Harun says he will leave it to Ismail Sabri to decide whether he should resume his duties at the next sitting on Sept 6.

Dewan Rakyat Speaker recuses himself from hearing motion involving brother

Dewan Rakyat Speaker Azhar Harun will recuse himself from making any decision on a motion pertaining to AG Idrus Harun, who is also his brother.

Former Dewan Rakyat speaker Ariff chides Azhar for taking sides

Former Dewan Rakyat speaker Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof has chastised his successor Azhar Azizan Harun for being partisan when carrying out his duties.

Speaker: Parliament not ready for virtual sitting

The federal constitution needs to be amended to enable virtual sitting for Parliament.

Speaker: Emergency critics selectively quote Constitution to score political points

After Azalina called for Parliament to reconvene, Azhar Harun broke his silence.

Azhar clarifies remarks on parliamentary panels meeting during emergency

Azhar Azizan Harun has sought to clarify his remarks in January when he said independent and special committees would be allowed to continue meeting.

EC Chief Slams Campaign Rule Critics, Calls It Political

Calling it political, EC chairman Azhar Harun hit out at critics of police licensing requirements for election campaigns, saying the remarks were “driven by bad faith”.

Social media pans appointment of Shahrizat’s daughter as MDEC director

Wan Izzana Fatimah Zabedah has been appointed as a MDEC independent non-executive director.

Dennis Ignatius: A Pakatan Harapan without DAP?

A stand-alone DAP might well play the role of kingmaker in exchange for key concessions of importance to all Malaysians.

How UMNO plays PAS

Trapped and ego-bruised Hadi Awang ditched UMNO in order to save face.

First Omicron case in Malaysia

Public health officials have detected the first case of the Omicron Covid-19 variant in the country.

Kit Siang: Will PM’s special advisers replace cabinet soon?

Lim Kit Siang has ridiculed Ismail Sabri's administration for hiring many special advisers, on top of a bloated cabinet.

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