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Bar Council: Umno’s loud stand against Federal Court decision an attack...

The Bar Council reiterated its stand that politicians should not be making any statements against Apex Court decisions.

Shafee files appeal at Federal Court over decision to reject Najib’s...

QC wished to appeal against High Court’s decision.

Federal Court: Najib’s defence ‘incredible’, ‘inconsistent’

The Federal Court has held that Najib's conviction on all seven charges preferred against him was safe.

Federal Court upholds Najib’s conviction, sentence

Timeline of this afternoon’s events in Najib’s final SRC appeal.

Attack on Judge Nazlan backfires for Najib, Federal Court destroys all...

The country’s first woman chief justice flexed her muscle and showed the former premier that she refused to be bullied and intimidated.

Najib’s SRC appeal: No to introduce extra evidence, postpone hearing

Federal Court rejects Najib’s bid to adduce fresh evidence and defer the hearing by at least three to four months.

Federal Court rejects bid to postpone Najib’s SRC appeal

Najib's final appeal to quash his conviction and sentencing in the RM42 million SRC International corruption case will proceed next month.

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