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AGC, police working to put Indira’s ex-husband on Interpol red notice...

The AGC is working with the police to place M Indira Gandhi’s ex-husband on Interpol’s red notice list.

High Court: How could Indira’s fugitive ex buy cars in 2015...

The police again came under scrutiny on their improper effort to investigate and arrest M Indira Gandhi’s ex-husband Muhammad Riduan Abdullah.

Indira Gandhi wants IGP to apologise for empty promises

M Indira Gandhi wants Abdul Hamid Bador to apologise for failing to keep his promise to find her daughter who was taken by her ex-husband.

Indira Gandhi asks IGP if recovering her abducted daughter was ever...

Indira Gandhi has criticised IGP Hamid Bador for saying his main regret was his inability to bring fugitive Jho Low back to face justice.

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