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Court blocks Maips from intervening in Loh Siew Hong’s divorce case

The Perlis Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council (Maips) is now unable to access the three unilaterally converted children of Loh Siew Hong.

Loh’s lawyers: ‘Busybody’ Maips wants to intervene in divorce proceedings

Maips is acting outside its state territorial jurisdiction in its bid to intervene in the divorce proceedings between Loh Siew Hong and her ex-husband.

Lawyers: PAS in contempt by warning Loh of children’s conversion

PAS’ warning against Loh Siew Hong over her legal action to nullify her three children’s unilateral Islamic conversion is a serious interference with the administration of justice.

Loh files to nullify children’s unilateral Islamic conversion

Loh Siew Hong has now gone to court to quash her children's unilateral conversion to Islam by her Muslim convert former husband.

Why are radical religious authorities still harassing single mom Loh?

The Perlis religious authorities should not give a bad name to Islam.

Lawyers: Premature for Maips to assume Loh’s children are ‘converts’

The lawyers for Loh Siew Hong have cautioned that Maips' application to be an intervener in their client's divorce case may contain some premature assumptions.

Loh finally shares a meal with her three kids after High...

It was a wonderful lunch for single mother Loh Siew Hong, as she was finally able to tuck into a meal with her three children by her side.

Single mum Loh Siew Hong says kids told stories that painted...

Loh Siew Hong has rejected assertions that her three children did not want to see her.

Mufti admits kids brought to Perlis to be unilaterally converted without...

Mohd Asri has admitted yesterday that the state had unilaterally converted three underaged children of Loh Siew Hong without her knowledge nor presence.

Single mum finally gets to meet three kids taken away three...

A single mother who has been searching for her three children, who were taken away from her by a third party, finally got to meet them at a police station in Perlis today.

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