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Pejuang: Malays trapped between corrupt leaders and multiracial opposition

The Malays are split and trapped in a dilemma of choosing between the corrupt Malay leaders and a multiracial leadership.

Dr M: Pejuang members to contest only 40 seats in GE15,...

NGOs and minor political parties to use Pejuang’s flag and symbol to contest GE15, despite not being party members.

Pejuang intends to win GE15, form govt

Pejuang does not intend to enter the 15th general election to be a kingmaker.

Contesting 42 seats, Pejuang willing to work with other parties to...

Pejuang reportedly expressed willingness to work with any political party upon the conclusion of the Johor state polls.

Dr Mahathir: Pejuang aims to end BN’s ‘shameless culture’ through Johor...

Aspirations to bring the country back on track for the people, fight corruption and eliminate ‘shameless culture’.

Dr M: Pejuang won’t sign any cooperation deal with Putrajaya

Dr Mahathir says his party’s MPs will not be signing a MoU with the federal government.

Pejuang to register 20,000 people as initial party members

Pejuang will begin registering some 20,000 people as initial members of the party.

After Pejuang approval, Muda urges RoS to expedite approval for its...

Muda has called on the government to approve its application to be registered “immediately”, in light of the news that Pejuang has been officially registered.

Dr M: Pejuang may align with Warisan, Muda, not Harapan

Mahathir today reiterated that Pejuang will not enter into cooperation with PH or PN and remain as a third force in the political landscape.

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