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Rafidah Aziz resigns as AirAsia X chairperson

Rafidah Aziz has resigned as AirAsia X (AAX) chairperson effective July 1, 2022.

English remains vital in civil service, forcing civil servants to use...

In response to Zuki Ali's call for the JPA to consider punitive measures to enforce the use of Bahasa Malaysia in the civil service.

Rafidah chides ‘warped minds’ over rape joke, whiskey controversies

Rafidah Aziz fired an acerbic salvo at those who generate a negative impact and accused them of possessing twisted minds.

Rafidah: Why the U-turn after free vaccine pledge

Rafidah Aziz has doubled down on her criticism of the decision to allow the sale of 14 million doses of the Sinovac vaccine to states and private entities.

Rafidah: Why allow Sinovac to be sold?

Rafidah Aziz is demanding that the committee overseeing the vaccine supply explain the decision to allow the sale of 14 million Sinovac doses to...

Rafidah: Malaysia deserves better than this failed govt

Malaysia’s “Iron Lady” Rafidah Aziz has taken aim at the Muhyiddin Yassin-led government again.

Petition launched for Rafidah to be interim PM

A petition lobbying for Rafidah Aziz to be made an interim prime minister was launched yesterday and gained over 400 signatures in a matter of hours.

Rafidah asks why those still earning need help

A former minister has questioned the rationale behind Cuepacs’ recent call for a deferment of repayments for housing loans taken by civil servants.

Rafidah: Dewan must sit as soon as law allows, not at...

The royal call for Parliament to reconvene means it must be held as quickly as the law allows, not on a date the prime minister or other politicians find suitable.

Netizens, Rafidah pan ‘unrealistic’ recovery plan

Netizens don’t seem to be too keen on the government’s National Recovery Plan.

Rafidah: View of nation’s future “frightening”

Rafidah Aziz has expressed fear for the country’s future as politicians turn to using religion to win votes.

Don’t Forget How PAS Treated Umno, Warns Rafidah

Rafidah Aziz dismissed the Umno-PAS cooperation, saying the relationship was only forged to acquire more votes.

Rafidah: Why is Najib So Eager to be Hauled In?

Rafidah asks why Najib is so eager to be hauled in.

Rafidah: Najib’s Govt Riddled with ‘Political Mafia’

Rafidah Aziz says Najib's government riddled with 'political mafia'.

Veteran Trio May Be Sacked from Umno

The veteran trio of Rafidah Aziz, Rais Yatim and Daim Zainuddin may be sacked from Umno.

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