Don’t Forget How PAS Treated Umno, Warns Rafidah

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Former minister Rafidah Aziz today dismissed the Umno-PAS cooperation, saying the relationship was only forged to acquire more votes.

She also reminded Umno members of how PAS used to treat them as religious outcasts.

“Remember, once they called Umno members ‘infidels’.

“When I contested in Kuala Kangsar, PAS members there even refused to shake hands with me, saying that I was an infidel,” she said during the Bicara Minda programme in Karangkraf Shah Alam today.

She said PAS was so extreme in its view of Umno that it even wanted separate burial spots for its members.

“In Terengganu, they had separate graves for PAS members and Umno members. Youngsters today would not understand this.

“PAS wanted a separate burial ground, saying their heaven was different, and those of us in Umno were not going to go to heaven,” she said.

Following the defeat on Barisan Nasional in the last general election, the coalition’s lynchpin party Umno formed an official alliance with PAS, citing Malay unity as its goal. – TMI