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Activists lambast Rina Harun for ‘delayed action’ in Bella’s case

Activists and netizens have slammed Rina Harun over her “delayed” action in the abuse case of a teenager with Down Syndrome known as Bella.

Opposition women MPs slam Rina Harun for refusing to ban child...

Opposition women MPs slam Rina Harun for refusing to ban child marriage

Welfare dept slammed for attempt to defend Rina Harun

The Social Welfare Department’s rush to defend Rina Harun’s “cleaning stunt” in the aftermath of a flood disaster is disappointing.

Netizens flay Rina’s pavement cleaning ‘stunt’

Rina Harun is again a hit online – and again for all the wrong reasons.

Rina urges public to ignore ‘Do Not Donate Here’ campaign

“Do Not Donate Here” campaign trending on social media.

Opposition MPs: MACC must reveal how Rina Harun raised funds to...

Five opposition MPs have urged the MACC to reveal the findings of its probe into Rina Harun managing to settle a million-ringgit debt.

Rina Harun apologises for breaching protocol handfeeding blind girl

Rina Harun today apologised for raising Covid-19 concerns over her action to hand-feed a young girl during a visit yesterday.

Rina Harun criticised over allegations of ‘politicising’ food baskets

Women, Family, and Community Development Minister Rina Harun has drawn flak over allegations that she has politicised food baskets.

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