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‘We’re watching’ – opposition MPs to govt on Subang Airport ‘sale’

Two opposition MPs today welcomed an assurance by the government that Subang Airport as well as other local airports will not be sold.

Wan Saiful demands apology from Syed Saddiq over Subang airport claims

Wan Saiful has demanded a public apology from Syed Saddiq for allegedly defaming the government over speculation on the takeover of Subang airport.

Finance Ministry: Govt has no plans to sell any airport property

MAHB still has lease for Subang airport for another 60 years, till 2067.

Leave Subang airport alone, Putrajaya told

Call for Subang airport to be left alone, following reports that a company owned by businessman Desmond Lim was planning to take it over.

MAHB: Airport takeover by private entity not uncommon

MAHB has stated that it is not uncommon for the market to submit proposals to the government on developing new airports or to take over an existing airport.

Syariah chief judge mulls civil suit against ‘conspirators’ over ‘naked in bed’ accusation

Mohd Na'im Mokhtar is mulling suing several individuals whom he claimed were behind the recent sexual harassment allegation against him.

Mariam Mokhtar: What does being Malaysian mean for you?

It is always the politician, either those who wield power, or those who want to be in power, who have a problem with what it means to be Malaysian.

Why wait for ‘one day’, spill the beans now, 21 MPs tell Azam Baki

Azam Baki has been urged to immediately come clean over his share ownership scandal in two public-listed companies.

Don’t make media your scapegoat, Abu Zahar told

Abu Zahar's failure to allow questions from journalists akin to denying the public’s right to information.

Kit Siang: Why are cops probing Kulai MP over 5-year-old FB post?

Lim Kit Siang has questioned the motive behind the police’s investigation into Teo Nie Ching’s social media posting from April 2017.

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