Wan Saiful demands apology from Syed Saddiq over Subang airport claims

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Bersatu information chief Wan Saiful Wan Jan has demanded a public apology from Muar MP Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman for allegedly defaming the government over speculation on the takeover of Subang airport.

Wan Saiful said the former youth and sports minister, in a TikTok video, had accused the government of planning to sell the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (LTSAAS) in Subang under a lease until 2092.

In another separate video, he said Syed Saddiq specifically accused the government of hesitating to reject the proposal by WCT Holdings Bhd despite the barrage of criticism from the airport workers’ union and other industry stakeholders.

“Subang airport is owned by the government, like many other airports in the country. Not a single announcement has been made saying the government ‘wants to sell Subang Airport until 2092’ as claimed by Syed Saddiq.

“Today, the government has clearly announced that it does not plan to sell any airport to anyone, including the one in Subang.

“I demand that Syed Saddiq publicly apologise to Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin as the videos have tarnished his image,” Wan Saiful said in a Facebook post today.

Earlier this morning, Syed Saddiq said the Subang airport takeover proposal would affect the ongoing restructuring plan of national carrier Malaysia Airlines.

Further, he said the operator of Subang airport, Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB), would stand to lose RM11.9 billion in future revenue if the airport was no longer under its management.

However, later in the evening, the finance ministry maintained that airports were strategic government assets, and that MAHB had a 60-year lease for the land on which Subang airport stands, until 2067.

In a separate statement, transport minister Wee Ka Siong said no decision had been made by the Cabinet on any proposal for the airport’s sale, quashing speculation on the matter.

“The government understands and reiterates that great care and deliberation are needed before any final decision is made regarding a significant strategic public asset that affects thousands of Malaysians, such as LTSAAS,” he said.

In response to Wan Saiful, Syed Saddiq said he would not apologise over the matter and challenged his critics to sue him if they believed he slandered them.

“For months this issue was raised, but you stayed quiet. Only when your plan is revealed did you press the panic button and U-turned.

“I’m the people’s crony, I will defend the people. It is my job,” he said in a Facebook post. – FMT

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