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Zaid: Umno must boldly counter PAS’ use of religion for politics

PAS using Islam as political fodder

Zaid takes a dig at Nazri’s ‘no pay needed’ remarks on...

Zaid Ibrahim took an apparent dig at Nazri Aziz’s statement that he was willing to serve as ambassador to the US without a salary.

Zaid to show cause over alleged misconduct in Najib’s SRC appeal

The advocates and solicitors’ disciplinary board has issued a letter calling on Zaid Ibrahim to show cause over alleged misconduct in Najib's final appeal in the SRC case.

Zaid fires back at ‘showman’ Shafee

Zaid blames Shafee for Najib’s imprisonment.

Shafee accused Zaid’s law firm of incompetence in handling Najib’s SRC...

Shafee argued that Najib did not get a fair trial for the appeal due to the miscalculated strategy by his newly-appointed counsels at that time.

Zaid sues Malaysian Bar, president

Both the Bar and its president took "unprecedented steps" of issuing a press release and condemned the lawyers as being guilty of professional misconduct.

Malaysian Bar president ready to face Zaid, lawyers in court

Karen Cheah will not cede to the demand by Zaid Ibrahim and his partners to apologise over a press statement they deem as libellous.

Apologise or be sued, Zaid, partners tell Bar president

Veteran lawyer Zaid Ibrahim and his two partners are demanding a full and unequivocal retraction and apology from Malaysian Bar president Karen Cheah.

Zaid: We did our best

Zaid said his law firmhas done its best for Najib's final appeal against his conviction and sentence.

Najib sacks Zaid’s law firm

Najib dismissed Zaid's law firm.

Najib ‘shocked and bitterly disappointed’ over unfavourable ruling

Najib 'shocked and bitterly disappointed' over unfavourable ruling

Zaid: We will not abandon our client Najib

Zaid denies his firm will withdraw if Najib’s SRC appeal proceeds.

Zaid: Kit Siang deserves recognition, but right-wing elements in Umno would...

Lim Kit Siang announced his retirement over the weekend at the age of 81, bringing down the curtain on an illustrious political career, which spanned more than five decades.

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