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Zuraida, attend to your own backyard first before joining BN

Ampang is set to be Zuraida's Waterloo if she even dares to defend her seat!

PM seen as dragging feet on Zuraida’s position in Cabinet

Zuraida Kamaruddin left Bersatu two months ago, but Ismail Sabri has yet to meet PN leaders over her replacement in the Cabinet.

Zuraida denies being ‘problematic’ Bersatu member

Zuraida Kamaruddin refutes allegations that she was a “problematic” member when she was in Bersatu.

Replacement for Zuraida’s post

DAP rep says PM should take over Zuraida’s post for the time being, while Hamzah claims PM already promised replacement must come from Bersatu.

Zuraida abandons Muhyiddin’s sinking ship

The Bersatu ship is sinking and rats are fleeing.

Muhyiddin ditching Azmin, Zuraida

Had Azmin remained loyal to PKR, he might have become the deputy prime minister today.

Fahmi Fadzil lodges police report against Zuraida for insulting king

Fahmi Fadzil has lodged a police report against Zuraida Kamarudin for disrespecting the king in a television interview.

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