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NGOs Call for MACC Case on Scorpene Deal to be Reopened

NGOs Suaram and C4 want the MACC to reopen the case on the Scorpene deal.

Invoke Survey: Bread-and-Butter Issues Pip Scandals

A survey by Invoke shows that voters are more concerned about bread-and-butter issues than scandals and controversies.

Paedo Predators in Robes

The latest sex abuse scandal to plague the Catholic Church involves 547 boys from a choir school in Germany.

Report Released on Public Executions in North Korea

The Transitional Justice Working Group (TJWG) has released a report on public executions in North Korea based on interviews with 375 defectors.

More FIC-Related Arrests Possible

The MACC is tracking down other key witnesses and not ruling out more arrests in relation to FIC's purchase of a four-star hotel in London.

MACC Denies Ops Gopi Investigations Called Off

MACC says investigations into the protection racket in Melaka are still ongoing, denying claims from the Sarawak Report that the probe has been called off.

“Top Dog” Mahathir Ready to Back Anwar as PM

Mahathir says he is the "top dog" at Pakatan Harapan and is willing to support Anwar as prime minister if the Opposition coalition wins GE14.

Photo of Sex on Penang Highway Fake

Picture of couple having sex beside Penang highway is a fake.

MACC Raiding FIC Office

MACC raids Felda Investment Corporation office in Kuala Lumpur in relation to its purchase of a four-star hotel in Kensington, London.

Singaporeans Duped S$5M in Investment Scam

100 Singaporeans duped of S$5 million by investment scam, believed to be Century Dynasty.

Pakatan Harapan’s Leadership, Anwar for 8th PM, Vow to Abolish GST

Pakatan Harapan's leadership, Anwar as eighth prime minister and vow to abolish GST if the Opposition coalition wins in GE14.

Nothing Funny About Mr Bean

Mr Bean's death scam circulating on social media again.

Jho Low Reacts to Singapore’s Allegations

Jho Low claims attempts to link him to 1MDB guilty pleas in Singapore are politically motivated.

Spore Banker Guilty in 1MDB-Linked Case, Jailed 54 Months

Former BSI Singapore wealth planner Yeo Jiawei pleaded guilty to money laundering and cheating in relation to Singapore's 1MDB probe and was sentenced to 54 months in jail.

Second Autopsy Result on Thaqif Raises More Questions Than Answers

Cops still probing Thaqif's death despite school insisting case is closed while Thaqif's parents seek legal action.

Tamil Nadu man reveals shocking abuse, exploitation at PJ restaurant

An Indian’s tale of abuse and exploitation while working at a banana leaf restaurant here is creating waves in Malaysia and India via social media and TV stations.

Guan Eng: Excluding opposition from Parliament committee an abuse of power

The exclusion of opposition lawmakers from the special committee studying the implementation of hybrid Parliament meetings is an abuse of power.

Malaysian Bar troubled by lawyer’s claim that judiciary’s decisions can be influenced

Lawyer’s purported suggestion that court decisions can be influenced is disgraceful, unethical, misconduct.

Top 10 messages that backdoor govt is game over

The Rulers were not in favour of rallying behind the self-proclaimed stupid prime minister.

Report: PN’s ‘fixer lawyers’ – how shocking does it get?

A major foreign firm with massive operations in Malaysia is entangled in a horribly embarrassing civil action.

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