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Mahathir challenges Johor Sultan to explain selling state land to foreigners

Mahathir trained his guns on Sultan Ibrahim, challenging the Johor ruler to explain selling state land to foreign entities.

Kelantan man who caused disabled child to overdose on drugs jailed...

A trader was sentenced to three years’ jail by the Kota Baru Sessions Court today for causing a child with special needs to overdose on methamphetamine and morphine.

Zahid says up to Umno disciplinary board if Tajuddin will face...

Zahid is leaving it to the party's disciplinary board to decide if there is a need to take action against Tajuddin.

Mahathir: Tajuddin’s tell-all shows many things are hidden from the people

The revelation by Tajuddin shows that many things are hidden from the people.

Pulau Batu Puteh inquiry: Mahathir walks out in protest against Apandi...

Mahathir refuses to cooperate as long as Apandi heads task force.

Guan Eng: Tajuddin’s revelations not relevant to people’s problems

Lim Guan Eng and Mohamad Sabu are in the dark over alleged attempts by Umno to prop up Anwar Ibrahim as prime minister.

Nur Jazlan: Tajuddin is the real liability to Umno

Tajuddin has proven with his "tell-all" conference that he, and not Zahid , is a liability to the party.

Rafidah Aziz resigns as AirAsia X chairperson

Rafidah Aziz has resigned as AirAsia X (AAX) chairperson effective July 1, 2022.

Perak Amanah: PAS only cares about seizing power with Tajuddin offer

Perak PAS offering to let Tajuddin contest on the party’s ticket in GE15 is like giving a ‘stick to a compromised leader”,

Zahid continues to push for GE15 to be held immediately

Zahid continued to push for GE15 to be held immediately.

PH to hold conference on Jul 2 for public to speak...

Government urged to keep ceiling prices and subsidies.

Is the govt afraid of a TikTok video?

Syahredzan Johan has asked if the government is threatened by a TikTok video uploaded by Siti Aishah on the issue of subsidies.

Lahad Datu MP latest to leave Bersatu.

Mohammadin Ketapi quits Bersatu after only six months and will be an independent backing the current federal and Sabah state governments.

Umno info chief urges calm and unity after Tajuddin’s claim of...

Shahril urged the party to remain calm and united so that their opponents wouldn’t use this as an opportunity to attack them.

Rift within Umno widening as spats get worse

The rift within Umno is widening, even worse than what had transpired following the party and Barisan Nasional's catastrophic loss in the 2018 General Election.

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