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Son of Singaporean Kayaker Confirms Her Death

Family members arrive in Kemaman Hospital.

Girl’s Spine Injured by Bullies

A nine-year-old girl who allegedly is a victim of bullying has a damaged spine resulting from injuries sustained after getting beaten by three school bullies.

Marina Takes Aim at Zakir, Netizens Ask Her to Tell That...

Marina Mahathir is the latest to join the chorus condemning preacher Zakir Naik.

Syahredzan Johan Gets Death Threat After Proposing Withdrawal of Zakir Naik’s...

A threat to decapitate lawyer Syahredzan Johan.

Nora Quoirin Autopsy Finds No Signs of Rape, Violence

Nora likely died of hunger.

France Opens Criminal Probe into Nora’s Death

The Paris prosecutor’s office has opened a criminal probe into the death of an Irish-French girl, whose body was found near a jungle stream in Negeri Sembilan.

Just Revoke Zakir Naik’s PR Status and Let Him Decide Where...

Lawyer Syahredzan Johan has suggested today for Putrajaya to simply revoke Zakir Naik’s PR status.

Nora’s Autopsy Not Yet Completed, to Continue Tomorrow

Nora Quoirin's cause of death will not be known today as pathologists are still conducting a post-mortem on her body.

Autopsy Report Not Out, Don’t Blame Orang Asli, Warn Police

Police have denied that they had received information that Nora Quoirin was raped by the Orang Asli following social media posts speculating that she was likely raped.

Jawi in Chinese, Tamil Schools Only if PTAs Agree

The cabinet has ruled that Jawi lessons will be taught to Year Four pupils in vernacular schools only with the individual Parent-Teacher Association’s consent.

Body Believed to Be That of Missing Singapore Kayaker Found in...

The body of a woman believed to be that of a Singaporean kayaker reported missing in Endau waters on Aug 8 was found in Kemaman waters today.

Condolences, Assistance to Nora’s Family

Deputy Prime Minister Wan Azizah today conveyed her sympathy and condolences to the family of Nora Quoirin.

Syed Saddiq: Enough Is Enough, Deport Zakir Naik

Syed Saddiq said today he agreed that Zakir Naik should be deported while activist Marina Mahathir joined the chorus of voices slamming Naik for his recent comments.

Nora Autopsy to Be Completed at 8pm Today

The autopsy of Nora Anne Quoirin is expected to be completed by 8pm today.

Three MPs Who Crossed to Bersatu Sued by Umno for Breach...

Umno reportedly sued three of its MPs who had defected to Bersatu after the party lost in the 14th general election last year.




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