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Unemployed Man Jailed for Defying MCO, Slapping Security Guard

An unemployed man was sentenced to three months in jail by the Malacca Magistrate’s Court on a charge of violating the MCO yesterday.

Private Hospitals to Be Roped in if Public ICU Overwhelmed by...

Private hospitals will be asked to treat Covid-19 infected patients if public intensive care units (ICU) are overwhelmed.

Annuar: Community Reps’ Services Terminated Due to Inactivity

Pakatan Harapan’s Federal Territories lawmakers today urged Annuar Musa not to terminate the services of Resident Representative Council members amidst the Covid-19 outbreak.

Nearly 17,000 Hotel Workers Laid Off, on Unpaid Leave, or Have...

About 4% of Malaysian hotel staff have been laid off due to the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, while 17% have taken unpaid leave and 9% received pay cuts.

Teluk Intan Hospital’s Cleaners Either Did or Awaiting Covid-19 Tests

All seven cleaners who are working at Teluk Intan Hospital have either gone for or are waiting to undergo Covid-19 tests.

PM, Ministers, Deputy Ministers to Give Two Months’ Salary to Covid-19...

The Cabinet has decided that two months’ salary of the prime minister, ministers and deputy ministers will be cut and donated to the Covid-19 Fund.

15 Arrested in Past 24 Hours in PJ for Flouting MCO

Petaling Jaya police have arrested 15 individuals in the past 24 hours for flouting the MCO.

Malaysia’s Covid-19 Cases Breach 2,000 Mark

Number of new cases hits new record.

Jail, Fine for Neglecting Pets During ‘Balik Kampung’ Period

Pet owners who intend to return to their hometowns during the extended MCO period should be fully responsible for the well-being of their pets.

223,000 Face Masks Worth RM446K Seized in Kota Damansara

Authorities say they crippled an operation selling face masks secretly to consumers at RM3.50 per unit, which is higher than the RM2 ceiling price.

Massive Traffic Jam on Mainland Roads Leading to Penang Bridge

Thousands of people driving to the island for work or to deliver goods got stuck in a traffic gridlock due to a roadblock set up near the Penang Bridge toll plaza.

MCO Enforcers Can Use All Means to Ensure Compliance

Those empowered to enforce the MCO can use whatever means necessary, including force, to ensure compliance with the directive.

80 Health Workers Infected, but None Due to Covid-19 Patients

A total of 80 healthcare workers in 30 Health Ministry facilities have tested positive for Covid-19 as of this morning, but none of them handled infected patients.

Covid-19: Death Toll Passes 20,800, Cases Soar Past 450,000, 3 Billion...

More than three billion people have been asked to stay at home in almost 70 countries and territories as governments battle the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe.

695 Police Reports Lodged on Violations of MCO

A total of 695 police reports nationwide have been lodged with regard to violations of the government’s MCO.

Seven Men Caught Playing Football, Jogging During MCO Fined RM1,000

Seven men who were caught playing football and jogging in a field were fined RM1,000 each with three months of community service for breaching the movement control order (MCO).

Stricter MCO Phase 2: New Business Hours 8am-8pm, Starting April 1

Public transportation and e-hailing services can operate from 6am to 10pm.

Kelantan Teen Rapist Kills One, Injures Another While Escaping

A teen stabbed to death one person and injured another in his bid to flee after raping a single mother today at Kampung Mujur, Jelawat.

Face Mask Ceiling Price Set at RM1.50

The new ceiling price for face masks has been fixed at RM1.50 per piece effective April 1.

Government Urged to Give Interest-Free Loans to SMEs

Putrajaya should include zero-interest loans for SMEs as part of the Covid-19 economic stimulus.

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