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Pua: I was quiet in PH govt after Dr M rebuked...

Tony Pua was an outspoken politician who exposed many issues concerning the 1MDB debacle before the 14th general election.

Flight MU5735 crash: Bereaved relative demands answers from airline over US...

Tony Pua was an outspoken politician who exposed many issues concerning the 1MDB debacle before the 14th general election.

Guessing game continues over Tony Pua and Yeo Bee Yin’s GE15...

Anthony Loke dismissed the perception that DAP is purging its English-educated leaders.

Watch out: Businessman conned out of Rolex watch he wanted to...

A Kuantan businessman who wanted to sell his luxury watch ended up getting conned and losing the watch worth tens of thousands of ringgit.

RM4.40 to US$1 – lowest since March 2020

The ringgit slid further to open lower at RM4.40 against the US dollar, the lowest since March 2020.

Ambiga regrets Najib invited to palace

We should not underestimate how much the people see.

Bersatu Youth chief congratulates Najib’s ‘wedding’, gets blasted by netizens

Wan Ahmad Fayhsal today “congratulated” Najib's “wedding”.

RM21 million lost in giant Macau scam

The biggest Macau scam ever recorded by the police for a single victim in recent years.

Online petition receives 13,571 signatures against Tajuddin becoming Indonesia ambassador

An online petition to revoke Tajuddin Abdul Rahman’s appointment as Indonesia ambassador has received 13,571 signatures as of 8.18am today. It was published by a...

Kepong MP: Scrap AP for all imports, not just food

PM urged to abolish AP for all imported goods, including motor vehicles.

A seasoned politician does not an envoy make, ex-diplomat Noor Farida...

Tajuddin may be a seasoned politician but that does not make him a good ambassador to Indonesia.

Patriot: Revoke Tajuddin’s ambassadorial appointment

Prime minister and cabinet urged to rethink quickly the appointment of Tajuddin as ambassador.

Reveal findings of probe on judge Nazlan, ex-judge tells MACC

Mah Weng Kwai has called on the country’s graft buster to provide an update on the probe into judge Nazlan “as soon as possible”.

Ex-diplomat Dennis Ignatius: Tajuddin’s appointment puts Jakarta in tough spot

Putrajaya has put Indonesia in a “difficult position” by appointing Tajuddin as the ambassador to the republic.

Ambiga on ‘the outrageous appointment of Tajuddin’

Tajuddin has often made the news for the wrong reasons because of his antics in and out of Parliament.

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