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Daim Wants Putrajaya to Stop Dancing to Najib’s Tune

Putrajaya should stop wasting time with entertaining Najib.

Missing Nurse Found Dead in Cyberjaya Condo

A nurse who was practising at the Serdang Hospital and recently reported missing, has been found allegedly murdered in Cyberjaya.

Batu Caves, Two Other KL Temples on Alert After Foiled IS

Three temples in KL have tightened security following the arrest of four suspects linked to an extremist religious group said to be linked to the IS.

Anger Erupts at Sarawak Teen’s Instagram Followers Who Urged Her to...

Those who incited a 16-year-old girl in Sarawak to commit suicide, based on a poll on her Instagram on whether she should live or die, may be liable to 20 years’ jail.

Actor Farid Kamil Gets Nine Months’ Jail for Drug Abuse

Actor Farid Kamil was sentenced to nine months’ jail today after being found guilty of drug abuse.

Distress over Teen Suicide Believed Spurred by Instagram Poll

A teenage girl jumped from the top of a shophouse after 69% of respondents to her Instagram poll asked her to choose “death”.

Sunway University Tightens Security Following Online Terror Threat

Sunway University has tightened its security measures following recent anonymous terror threats posted on social media against the campus.

Retired Civil Servants Who Did Wrong Will Face Legal Action

Legal action will be taken against retired civil servants who had committed wrongdoing in government projects.

Zahid, Shafee Fail Again in Bid to Get Passport to Travel

Zahid needs his passport to perform the umrah while Shafee is to attend an Aussie case.

Relatives of May 13 Victims Want Access to Classified Info

A group representing relatives of those killed in the May 13, 1969 riots will submit an official request to declassify documents related to the incident 50 years ago.

Terror Suspect Aimed to Bomb Seafield Temple

One of the four terror suspects nabbed by police earlier this month planned to bomb the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman temple.

All MPs Must Declare Their Assets

Asset declaration to be part of Cabinet’s KPI.

Cops Foil Terror, Assassination Plots to ‘Avenge’ Fireman Adib

Police avert Ramadan mayhem with arrest of four terror suspects.

CCID Chief Mazlan Mansor New Deputy IGP

CCID director Mazlan Mansor has been appointed as the new deputy IGP.

PH Retains Sandakan by a Landslide

Vivian Wong wins with a majority of 11,521 votes. Vivian Wong (DAP) 16,012 Linda Tsen (PBS) 4,491 Hj Hamzah (Ind) 788 Chia Siew Young...




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