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DAP rejects Norhizam as candidate for Malacca polls

DAP will not accept Norhizam Hassan Baktee as a candidate for the upcoming Malacca state election.

Nur Sajat in Sydney, seeking asylum

Controversial cosmetics entrepreneur Nur Sajat, who is being sought after by local authorities is currently in Sydney, Australia.

Guan Eng: MACC failing its duties foot-dragging over Pandora Papers

The Pandora Papers is the latest in a string of cases involving pro-government figures which the MACC h as dragged its feet on.

Najib gets passport back for Singapore trip

The Court of Appeal today approved Najib Razak's application for the temporary return of his passport that will enable him to travel to Singapore.

MACC seeks Anwar’s help in probe on Pandora Papers

The MACC has asked Anwar Ibrahim to assist in providing information regarding the Pandora Papers exposé.

Anwar declines allowances as Opposition leader, to donate funds to the...

Anwar Ibrahim said the ministerial-level benefits and facilities offered by the government will not stop him from questioning the administration.

Beng Hock’s family to sue police after task force snub

Teoh Beng Hock’s family will again go to the courts in search for answers to his mysterious death 12 years ago, this time with a suit against the police.

Guan Eng: Why no MACC, Bank Negara probe into Pandora Papers?

MACC slammed for turning blind eye towards the Pandora Papers leak.

PM: Govt won’t interfere in any probe into Pandora Papers

Ismail Sabri today gave his commitment that Putrajaya will not interfere in any investigation against individuals whose names were implicated in the Pandora Papers.

Anwar: Govt not committed to reform after signing MoU with PH

Anwar Ibrahim has cautioned the government to pull up its socks and honour its commitment to institutional reform if it wants PH's support.

Wee Ka Siong sends written explanation to Dewan Rakyat Speaker on...

Wee Ka Siong says he has already provided a written explanation to Dewan Rakyat Speaker over his statement on the cabotage policy.

PH regrets PM taking credit for B50 interest waiver

Interest exemption on loans a victory for the people.

Groups call for immediate arrest of Islamic preacher Syakir ‘sowing hatred’

Calls are mounting for the arrest of Islamic preacher Syakir Nasoha.

Cops seize official car from former Malacca exco Norhizam

Police have seized an official state government car from former executive council member Norhizam Hassan Baktee.

Guan Eng urges Bank Negara to probe Pandora Papers, illicit outflows

Lim Guan Eng today urged the Ministry of Finance to direct Bank Negara to launch a full investigation into the Pandora Papers exposé.

Mariam Mokhtar: Dr Mahathir – Is he the victim, victor or villain?

Forget Mahathir and the old guards and move forwards.

Khairy: Increase in Covid-19 cases expected soon

The downward trend of new daily Covid-19 cases - which has been between 6,000 and 7,000 over the past week - is expected to increase soon, in part due to interstate travel.

Guan Eng: Why revive pipeline projects but not HSR?

DAP has questioned why Putrajaya decided to revive the tainted TSGP and MPP but chose to axe the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur High Speed Rail (HSR) project.

Najib and Muhyiddin face off in do-or-die battle for Melaka

Najib Razak and Muhyiddin Yassin will face off on November 20 as both set out to prove their party is the most popular among Malay voters.

Ramkarpal: PH will lose its credibility if it accepts Melaka 4

PH cannot be seen to be complicit by accepting Melaka 4. The push by Pakatan Harapan (PH) for electoral reforms especially the anti-hopping law will...

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