Litmus test for support for a designated candidate must be unequivocal

Political aspirants are only great if they are united and despite a false marriage of Perikatan Nasional, they knew how to present a united front when necessary.

Dennis Ignatius: Will Ismail Sabri’s government survive?

Ismail Sabri will almost certainly consolidate his party’s position, tighten its grip on all the levers of power.

What can Ismail Sabri do that Anwar Ibrahim can’t?

Past days have seen blatant horse-trading as PN MPs has continued to side-line any attempts to run the country in the middle of the worst moment of the pandemic.

Academic: Give chance to individual from any race to become PM

Malaysia can take a bold step by giving the opportunity to a suitable and capable individual from any race to become prime minister.

Muhyiddin cries and lies even after resigning

Proof of Muhyiddin's frustration and dissatisfaction of having to resign under such a humiliating situation can be found in his national address.

Regrets? Too few to mention apparently!

Even in the full exposure of hypocrisy and lies, Muhyiddin now stands up and claim he had always ‘stuck by his principles and refused to deal with kleptocrats’!

Dennis Ignatius: Should politicians be protected from the wrath of the...

Of late, the police appear to be stepping up their crackdown on citizens who have criticised or insulted politicians.

Paralysis sets in as the PM clings on

Malaysia critically needs action and consistent, decisive, credible leadership to handle the present peak of the pandemic.

Mariam Mokhtar: Sanusi, MB of Kedah, who makes enemies of the...

If the MB had exercised more self-discipline during lockdown, and behaved with civility at other times, the rakyat would not react to his aggression and arrogance.

Mariam Mokhtar: The IGP and hypocrisy

Could IGP tell us if stern action was taken against corrupt politicians, members of the police cartel and civil servants?

Sabri confirms govt has collapsed – Agong can now demand PM...

With the country getting worse every single day, the King cannot disregard the latest facts that the premier is no longer legitimate.

Dennis Ignatius: Mahathir’s National Recovery Council

It would be insane to abandon our democracy and entrust the future of our nation to an authoritarian, unelected council led by Mahathir.

Will Covid-19 cases surpass 30,000 daily?

What is more important at this juncture are the actions to be taken in bringing the pandemic under control.

Mariam Mokhtar: Ahmad Faizal failed Perak, jumped from party to party,...

When all hell broke loose about ministers and fake degrees, Ahmad Faizal had the cheek to tell ministers to tell the truth about their degrees.

G25 concerned with govt’s ‘paranoia’ against Sajat

The G25 group has spoken out about the recent news of local authorities seeking the extradition of Nur Sajat.

Sarawak Report editor: Arrest warrant won’t work in UK

No intention of coming to Malaysia to face criminal defamation charge.

Hamzah: Still no new leads on forced disappearance cases, Indira Gandhi’s ex-husband’s whereabouts

The police still have no fresh leads on their investigations on the forced disappearances of Raymond Koh, Joshua Helmi, Ruth Sitepu and Amri Che Mat,

PH presidential council: MACC chief should go on leave pending case against 3 top...

MACC chief Azam Baki should be placed on temporary leave pending investigations over allegations of abuse of power and misappropriation of funds involving officers.

Guan Eng’s trial: Court told of Lim’s meetings with Zarul

A witness from a company which also bid for the project but lost claims BUCG enjoyed an advantage over competitors when bidding for the four Penang mega projects.

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