Top 10 dumbest things govt said or did during the floods

The government was so screwed up that social media like Facebook, Twitter and TikTok have been overwhelmed with videos and photos of the government clowns.

The blame game – how Noh Omar’s idiocy exposed more government...

Lack of coordination due to zero leadership, which led to confusion, despite having the biggest Cabinet in the world.

Dennis Ignatius: The worst government ever!

It is the spirit of ordinary citizens that keeps this country going.

China super salesgirl fined $210 million for tax evasion

“Queen of live streaming” has 110 million followers on social media.

Time for a national reset

The people need to be bold and embrace bold new ideas and leaders.

Out with the dinosaurs – time for a new party in...

We need a party for all, a party which truly has the needs and aspirations of Malaysians at heart - one with a good mix of all races, women and youth.

Everyone, including the Chinese, eat with their hands

Mahathir said: “The Chinese eat with chopsticks, they don’t eat with their hands.”

Farfetched that Sarawak’s future hinges on Indonesia building a new capital...

I was taken aback upon reading the heading of a recent report “Sarawak’s future hanging on upcoming polls, new Indonesian capital: observer”.

Too many unanswered questions on 100-day FDI figures announced by PM

At the event to mark his administration's 100-day, PM Ismail Sabri disclosed that the country had approved FDI worth RM109.1 billion during that period.

Can Najib contest in election?

When Parliament is dissolved, the Election Commission becomes the kingmaker who will make or break Najib.

Cabinet’s 100-day report card: Worst 3 ministers’ performances

Not to shame but to hopefully jolt them into pulling up their socks for taxpayers’ sake.

What happened to the sexual allegation cases?

If at all there was to be a new deputy prime minister, we would definitely want someone who is clean, sincere and with calibre.

Paradigm shift needed to transform our country

A paradigm shift may only occur when a coalition wins by a two-third majority and the economy in total shambles.

Kit Siang on Ismail Sabri’s 90 pct score on his Cabinet’s...

Cabinet’s 100-day report card

Muhyiddin cowardly runs away from Johor election

Bersatu could disintegrate before next general election.

Kudos for plan to further curb smoking, but devil is in the details

We certainly need tougher regulations on these cancer sticks.

BAM: No further action against Zii Jia, Jin Wei

Lee Zii Jia and Goh Jin Wei can compete in international events again.

Amanah, DAP rebuke PKR for contesting under own flag in Johor

PKR’s allies have issued a subtle rebuke of its decision to contest the upcoming Johor election under the PKR flag instead of the PH logo.

Penang Bridge crash: Former hairstylist found guilty, gets jail and fine

A former hairstylist was sentenced to three years in jail for causing the death of a college student by reckless driving more than two years ago.

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