Adib Inquest: Nurse Apologises for Wrongful Claims in FB Post About Adib’s Injuries

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Nurse who claimed forensics expert lied admits not knowing facts of Adib’s case.

“I was too emotional. I was not aware of the real facts,” said a National Heart Institute (IJN) nurse who had uploaded a comment on Facebook about the death of firefighter Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim.

Siti Syafika Amira Mohd Rasani, 27, who has served IJN for six years in the operating room, said she uploaded the controversial comment on March 22 without knowing for a fact if Adib had been assaulted.

“I was emotional when I posted the comment because while the deceased was there (at IJN) for medical treatment, I saw the condition of his family members who were crying, his fiancée, and his colleagues who spent the night outside the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) every day.

Hasnoor Hussain/TMI

“I was moved by their togetherness,” she said

Syafika had in her Facebook account under the name “Cik Miera” posted her opinion that the fireman’s death was not caused by an accident but was due to assault. However, the comment was subsequently deleted.

The nurse, who was the 25th witness to testify, also apologised to the doctor who she had referred to in the comment.

“To the doctor, I offer my apologies. I was feeling too emotional and was not thinking of the real facts.

“I heard from my colleague Ashraf that Adib told him that he was beaten and I believed Ashraf,” she said.

Syafika was referring to IJN medical assistant Ashraf Baruji who had testified in the inquest earlier that Adib had indicated to him that he was pulled from behind and beaten up during the Seafield temple riot.

Syafikah apologised to the court today over her Facebook posting which she had taken down. She added that her “Cik Miera” account was no longer active as she was receiving too many personal messages.

She also said the hospital authorities had asked her to testify and clarify her statements but did not take further action against her.

The court was also told that Syafika did not have the expertise to make her own conclusion.

IJN intensive care unit director Datuk Dr Suneta Sulaiman, who was called in again to testify, said Syafika was not qualified to determine if the deceased’s wounds were from being assaulted or otherwise.


Yusof Mat Isa

“Even for intensive care personnel like me, it’s not for me to conclude whether it was done by violence or not,” she told Judge Rofiah Mohamad who is sitting as coroner.

Hospital Kuala Lumpur medical forensics department officer Dr Ahmad Hafizam Hasmi who conducted an autopsy on Adib had testified last week that the fireman’s injuries were inconsistent with assault as alleged.

Suneta added she was aware that Syafika had participated in several medical procedures for Adib, and lawyers representing IJN had forwarded her the accusatory Facebook posting made by the nurse.

She said that a less experienced nurse like Syafika may be disturbed by the sight of Adib’s condition at the time.

Among others, he said the fireman had severe swelling on his head and neck as well as bruises that spanned from his neck to groin area.

“For someone less experienced (like Syafika), seeing a patient like Adib must be ghastly because of the swellings he had when he first admitted to IJN,” she explained.

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