After beer party images surface, Syed Saddiq slams attempts to tarnish Muda’s name

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Accusations arose after images depicting a group of people dressed in Muda T-shirts drinking beer surfaced.

Muda co-founder Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman has slammed attempts to tarnish the image of the party following the publication of photos of people in Muda t-shirts drinking beer and claims that flood relief donations were used to buy these drinks.

Describing it as “the most ridiculous accusation”, he said Muda never used any public contribution to buy alcoholic drinks.

“Muda is an open book,” said Syed Saddiq in a Facebook post. “All proceeds were 100% channelled to flood victims.”


He shared screenshots of comments by netizens criticising him and the party as well as photos of people in Muda t-shirts at a beer party.

Syed Saddiq said he had held a press conference last week and presented the accounts of “Mari Bantu”, Muda’s flood relief crowdfund initiative.

“All matters are recorded and will be audited. There is no need for accusations that Muda has misused the funds to buy alcoholic beverages,” he said.

A screengrab of Syed Saddiq’s Facebook post showing comments by his critics and photos of men in Muda t-shirts drinking beer.


The Muar MP also said Muda stemmed from different races and religions and that it existed “on the basis of tolerance”.

Although he did not confirm or deny that the people in the photos were party members, he added: “As long as what was done was in accordance with the law, it does not matter.

“This is a multiracial party. It is not an offence for them to drink, unless they’re driving.

“We respect their rights, and they respect ours. This is their personal right.”

He chastised those behind the accusation, saying it was a “cheap tactic” and “outdated” and used by those who were desperate.

He said they should focus more on corruption and misuse of public funds for their own interests, rather than what people were eating and drinking. – FMT