Crafty LuxStyle Scam

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You won’t get a luxurious or stylish experience with LuxStyle, but a headache and nightmare instead.

  • Personal information required even to see prices
  • Poor quality products, high prices
  • Delivers and bills for goods not ordered

The Star reported today on LuxStyle, the online retailer that bills for items delivered to users who did not even order the goods.

Typical experiences of victims begin with visiting the website. They register their personal information in order to see the prices. Most of them are shocked by how expensive the products are and decide against making any purchases.

However, they later receive a package and that is when the ordeal starts.


The advertisement that will land you with an invoice.

According to housewife Sinar Musa, 29, she narrowly avoided falling victim despite being harassed with advertisements by LuxStyle on Facebook.

“It was really popular about two weeks ago, you couldn’t help seeing it. But now the ads seem to have died down,” she said, adding that she only found out about the catch from her friends recently.

Many Malaysians and Singaporeans lodged complaints to LuxStyle International Scam Singapore Page on Facebook, which was advising victims on what to do if they received the unsolicited products.

One complainant posted that LuxStyle told him he had agreed to receive the items by clicking the ‘Order Now’ button on its site, although he closed the order window as he had no credit card or PayPal account.

Another Facebook user posted about receiving a poor quality product and bad customer service when she attempted to return it.

“I believe this firm tracked who visited their website and because I had purchased their lash mascara product before, they just created an order for the mask and sent me e-mail confirmation,” she said.

LuxStyle website with false representations.

After tedious e-mail communications, the company finally consented to revoke the order she did not make. However, they later sent her a bill alleging that she owed them money as a late penalty, even though the order had been cancelled.

On Mar 2, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCA) issued a Public Warning Notice on this website. It has received 127 complaints about LuxStyle since January.

Lux International Sales ApS, trading as LuxStyle, advertised its products in sponsored posts on social media, which directed customers to a website that did not display prices unless a mailing and email address was provided.

Products sold on the site include beauty accessories, bras, ‘slimming’ pants, belts and watches.

A quick Google of the Danish company now reveals thousands of warnings and reviews from customers around the world who claim to have been scammed. Facebook has blocked LuxStyle’s advertisements.