Everybody’s Talking About the Singing Trump!

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He’s got it down to a pat – hair, voice, mannerisms and all – and he’s a winner on America’s Got Talent 2017!


The Singing Trump is a President Donald Trump impersonator who channelled Bruno Mars. Despite initial jeers from the audience of America’s Got Talent 2017, he eventually won them over with his vocals and slick moves.

Mel B hit her ‘X’ as soon as the fake Trump went on stage, and the audience booed as well, prompting “Trump” to chide, “Stop with the fake boos.”

Asked to identify himself, he quipped, “You need to ask? Who do I look like?” He went on to tell the judges and crowd, “We are going to make America’s Got Talent great again. It’s going to be huge.”

“I know I can win it,” he said with typical Trump confidence, amidst more boos. “Hold on, can I just finish? I am here on a mission of love. It’s true.”

Howie Mandel warned, “This better be good, or they’re going to build a wall around you and this audience is gonna pay for it.”

And then the unexpected happened that got the crowd on their feet!