HK Adult Film Actress Allegedly Faked Own Mugging

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Known for her x-rated screen appearances, Grace Lam Nga Si appeared to have pulled a cheap publicity stunt, putting Malaysia in a bad light and upsetting netizens.

  • Claimed a thief had snatched her handbag
  • Changed her story to the incident being a “misunderstanding”
  • “Snatch theft” appeared to be staged
  • Calls to bar Lam from entering Malaysia

On Saturday, Hong Kong adult film actress Grace Lam Nga Si was using the live streaming function on Facebook at a night market in Bentong. Her three-minute long video footage shocked viewers as it ended with a snatch thief grabbing her handbag.

Oriental Daily reported that Lam claimed she checked the surroundings to make sure it was safe before starting her live stream. “Thankfully my manager and local friends managed to help me catch the thief and I recovered my belongings,” she said.

However, she later posted on Facebook: “Thank you for your concern, everyone. What happened at Malaysia yesterday was a misunderstanding. I’m sorry for the incident. If there is anything I’ve done wrong, I apologise.”

Apparently, the “theft” was a staged act for “shooting purposes”.

Oriental Daily

Her purported stunt drew a lot of flak from netizens who questioned why she changed her story, demanding to know if she was really shooting a film. They were also unhappy with her casual apology. However, Lam’s Facebook account has been deactivated.

The incident also caught the attention of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and earned the wrath of Member of Parliament for Bentong and Transport Minister, Datuk Seri Liong Tiong Lai.

Khalid was not amused by the stunt and recommended that Lam be listed as an unwelcome individual and barred from entering Malaysia. He also demanded an explanation from her.

Liow strongly condemned Lam and concurred with the IGP on blacklisting Lam, saying the publicity-seeking stunt in creating fake news is a serious matter.

“We take creating fake news seriously. It would create an impression that Malaysia is not safe, which could turn tourists away,” he told The Star.

Apparently, Lam had publicly shared that she is afraid to walk alone in Malaysia again.

The 39-year-old actress participated in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant in 1997 and is known for her x-rated screen appearances.