Johnson Lee Exalted Like a Modern-Day Robin Hood

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Finally, Lee made his first public appearance after the collapse of JJPTR and promptly sparked a media frenzy befitting a celebrity.

A reader of FMT news portal, WS Teoh, posed the question of “Why is Gerakan getting involved with JJPTR?”

He was referring to yesterday’s media event where Johnson Lee of JJPTR finally made a public appearance – his first since the collapse of his so-called investment schemes.

The way Teoh sees it is the event facilitated by Gerakan where JJPTR refunded OKU investors is to regain public trust in JJPTR. Teoh also commented on why JJPTR is only refunding OKUs their capital and not others, including the poor, single mothers or the elderly. He further questioned why Gerakan is involved in publicising the refunds and trying to give an image lift to JJPTR.

Two weeks ago, DAP issued a 48-hour ultimatum to JJPTR to either lodge a police report on its alleged hacking or explain their loss. Nothing has been heard of since, in terms of further action from DAP. Neither has there been news on JJPTR filing a police report nor details of how the loss happened.

From the video of yesterday’s event held at the Kg Kasipillay community centre in Jalan Ipoh, one would think that Lee with his benevolent smiles was a modern-day Robin Hood doling out ‘ang-pows‘ to the needy.

Facing the press, he said, “This morning, I came down from Penang with the sole purpose of refunding my OKU investors. They have more need for the money.”

“Today, at least, I’ve fulfilled what I promised. I do not wish to take any questions. This is all I have to say. Thank you, everyone,” he added.

When the media questioned the amount that was refunded, Lee said, “I am not sure.

There are too many investors on the list. I will leave it to my finance department.”

No answer was given to the question of when other investors could expect their money back.

“As I’m sure you know, I am too busy with other matters,” he said before he was ushered into a Mercedes-Benz.

Lee was at the event for around an hour but spoke for only about a couple of minutes. Police officers were present but they did not stop Lee from leaving.

Apparently, Gerakan had received complaints from over 20 OKU investors. According to The Star, Gerakan Youth deputy chief Andy Yong said Gerakan’s involvement did not mean that it condoned money games.

“We want to find a win-win solution for everyone. I’ve arranged for stakeholders to liaise with Johnson Lee on our proposal to give priority to handicapped investors.” Yong said. “In good gesture, Johnson has agreed to refund the money.”

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