MACC Denies Ops Gopi Investigations Called Off

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Investigations into the protection racket in Melaka are still ongoing, according to the MACC.

The Sarawak Report claimed that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) was instructed to recommend “no further action” in relation to the investigations into graft involving police officers in Melaka and linked to a middleman named Gopi.

The MACC has denied it is calling off the investigations into the protection racket.

“Investigations are still ongoing. The allegation by SR (Sarawak Report) that my chief commissioner (Datuk Dzulkifli Ahmad) and myself were called in by the Prime Minister is not true.

“We were never instructed to close the case. I denied that and it’s a total lie,” MACC deputy chief commissioner (operations) Datuk Azam Baki said in a WhatsApp reply to The Star on Tuesday.

Ops Gopi is the anti-corruption crackdown on vice and gambling centres in Melaka that began in May. It saw several high-ranking police officers detained for allegedly giving protection to massage parlours and illegal gambling dens in the state.

Gopinathan Krishnan was one of the individuals arrested by the MACC. He was investigated as being a key “intermediary” in the police protection racket.

Last week, DAP’s Gobind Singh Deo demanded an explanation from the MACC on the fate of Ops Gopi.

“So why has everything gone silent all of a sudden?” Gobind said in a statement released on Jul 10.

“The MACC should acknowledge that this is a case which has generated great public interest and therefore there must be an update as to what has become of it.

“The MACC must explain if action has been taken and if so, what action. If no action has been taken, then tell us why not,” he said.

Gobind said the MACC must also disclose if the probe had extended to Bukit Aman and, if it did, what transpired, as the integrity of the force was at stake, FMT reported

“If there is concern that members of the force have been compromised, then it is crucial for these officers to be removed immediately and action must be taken against them.

“If nothing is done and all is silent, then members of the public will lose confidence in Bukit Aman,” Gobind said, adding that the criminal justice system in the country would suffer as a result.

He added that if officers implicated in the illegal activities had done nothing wrong, they must be cleared. He said this is essential for their personal reputations as well as that of Bukit Aman.

Gobind also said Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Dato’ Khalid Abu Bakar must also state what became of any internal inquiry into the matter if it was held.

The Sarawak Report website had claimed to have documented evidence from sources indicating that Gopinathan Krishnan was in direct telephone contact with Khalid.

 It said that Gopinathan had communicated with Khalid’s brother-in-law, Mohd Isa Hussin, who allegedly operated a business selling firearms and accessories, Nilai Arms.

It was revealed previously that Khalid’s daughter held a majority share in the business.

On Jun 17, the New Straits Times reported that MACC chief commissioner Datuk Dzulkifli Ahmad said the case has been hampered, as key suspects and witnesses in the case have disappeared.

“The case involves several police officers and (members of) the public. Some have fled the country, (while) others are still hiding in the country.

 “We are currently in the process of identifying the suspects to complete the investigation,” Dzulkifli told reporters. 

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