Siti Kasim Has Had Enough, to Act Against Troll over Fake FB Exchange

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A lesson for others that when you post something, you have to be responsible.

It is the last straw for activist lawyer Siti Kasim who has for years been the brunt of criticism, fake news and Internet trolls.

She has warned the latest troll that she would be taking action if he did not remove a doctored screenshot purportedly of an exchange with her on Facebook using an image of her with a dog.

“I’ve decided now that I will take action against anyone who defames me and do stupid things like this that brings down my image, inviting others to curse and write nasty things about me,” Siti told The Star.

She said people were becoming bold with their irresponsible statements because she has been ignoring their remarks all this time.

The image in question shows Lanun Perosak apparently commenting on the photo of Siti holding a dog, wishing her friends “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” in a photo dated Dec 23.

In the doctored comment section, Lanun_Perosak criticised Siti and asked her how could she hold a pig.

The fake Siti responded by saying: “Don’t you recognise dog and pig, I feel pity for you”.

Lanun_Perosak then retorted: “Siti Kassim (sic) shut up! I asked to (sic) that dog!”

While the image of Siti holding a dog is genuine, it was originally from a June posting.

“I was informed that this photo of mine was photoshopped by the above person who then viralled (sic) it via social media,” she said.

“I have since gathered all information, thanks to a certain angel, and I’m giving a warning to this boy, particularly, and all that are sharing this photo, generally, to wait for my further action,” she added in a Facebook post on Friday (Dec 28).

Siti claimed that Bahalqram had responded to her warning and asked her not to take action, saying that the image was “only a troll”.

She said she would like to send a message that trolling had consequences.

“I really don’t care what names people call me…. If he had called me a ‘pig’ without doctoring the photo, I would not have a problem.

“But when you start doctoring my photo, and you make up a conversation that never existed, you have crossed the line.

“I will do it (take action) as it is a matter of my reputation, and I really want this to be a lesson for others that when you post something, you have to be responsible,” said Siti.

The Star has reached out to Lanun_Perosak aka Bahalqram and is awaiting his response. – The Star