Dying to Text

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Dramatic road safety ad turns from hilarious to dark.

The ad by the Government of the Western Cape province of South Africa shows seemingly hilarious footage of pedestrians falling over while walking and texting until it ends on a grim note.

Hapless members of the public crash into objects as they are distracted by their handsets in the various CCTV clips.

One person falls headfirst into a pond because he’s too caught up on his phone to notice, while another texter smashes into a lamppost.

Then the video takes a darker turn and shows a young woman texting away with one hand behind the wheel of her car.

The dramatic footage then shows her thrown around in the vehicle after a crash, as glass shatters around her.

This hard-hitting video ends with the woman appearing unconscious and asks: “You can’t even text and walk…so why do you text and drive?”


Since being posted on social media this week with the hashtag #itcanwait, the 40-second road safety ad has gone viral.

One user wrote on Twitter: “It’s so dangerous, it needs to be treated with the same stigma as drink driving.”