Lawyer: Lock-up rape case – charge the cops too

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The two policemen on duty when an underage girl was allegedly raped by another inmate in the Miri police station while being held in a lock-up there must also be investigated under the Child Act 2001.

DAP senator Alan Ling, who is also the 16-year-old victim’s lawyer, said it was insufficient to temporarily suspend the two policemen, considering the weight of the case.

“The two policemen should not only be suspended, but also arrested and charged,” he said.

Ling said the suspected rapist, an adult male, had managed to unlock the victim’s cell, then took her to the police station’s toilet and raped her.

He said under Section 31 of the Child Act, anyone found guilty shall be liable to a fine not exceeding RM50,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 20 years or to both.

“Under Section 85 of the same act, the police are required to make appropriate arrangements for the victim who is a minor while she was under their custody, where a child must be separated from the adults in police stations, places of detention or courts,” he said.

The case allegedly took place on Jan 9 between 4am and 5am, a day after the teenager was picked up in a gambling raid. – FMT

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