Stealing Food from the Poor

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The ugly side of greedy Malaysians: pilfering charity food meant for the poor, cleaning out and even breaking the fridge.

  • The rascals came in turns on motorbikes or cars to check on the fridge almost every hour
  • They came with big plastic bags to empty the fridge
  • The last straw was when they smashed the fridge and carted off all the food

 “Christened” the “Love and Hope Port” as it was located less than 2km from the Penang Port, a “fridge for the poor” stood outside a cake shop in Taman Tanjung, Butterworth, for five months where the needy could help themselves to a meal.

The Sun

The brainchild of Layer Gene Cafe proprietor Lee Chee Chiang, 27, and his neighbour, Tong Seng Hainanese Chicken Rice shop co-owner Raymond Lee, 31, the glass door fridge was stocked daily with cakes, sandwiches, fruits, milk and nasi lemak for poor families and beggars in the neighbourhood to eat for free.

The Sun

Kind souls came from as far as Kulim, Kedah, to contribute towards the community service by donating food to ensure the fridge was well-stocked.

Alas, when greedy and heartless people learned of the free food, the began checking the fridge regularly and if there was food in it, they picked it clean.

Some people took turns coming by on motorcycles or in cars to check on the fridge almost every hour.

“They brought big plastic bags and took everything away.

“Our hearts broke when the poor dropped by and found the fridge empty,” Raymond was quoted as saying by The Star.

My Sinchew

The founders then resorted to locking the fridge and passing the key to the needy when they came.

This worked until Sept 24 when greedy spoilsports broke the glass door and emptied the fridge for the last time, literally smashing a good thing.

The Sun

With the fridge smashed, Raymond said they realised it will not work and they will not replace the fridge.

“But we won’t let a few bad apples make us lose faith in humanity.

“We’ll think of another way to make sure the poor will have something to eat,” the Good Samaritan said.