Uncle Roger back in Malaysia to see parents

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Popular UK-based Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng, better known as Uncle Roger, is “Back in Malaysia! (Just in time for lockdown here)” as posted in his Instagram stories earlier this week.

Ng, who also features in Rice To Meet You, a comedy podcast with UK-based comedienne Evelyn Mok, also mentioned his return to Malaysia in a podcast recorded on Jan 7, entitled Don’t Slide Into Nigel’s DMs please!, where he says that he’s returning to “see (his) parents”, and jokingly adds to be a “lockdown refugee”.


He also reveals that he has received clearance from the Malaysian High Commission in London for his application to return (in the form of a travel permission slip) and will be back by the time the podcast airs. Attempts to contact Ng, however, have been unsuccessful.

Ng’s return coincides with the announcement of the second instalment of the movement control order in the country, which will be implemented for two weeks from Jan 13 until 26.

The full-time stand-up comedian from Kuala Lumpur who is based in London, England, was recently involved in a controversy when he uploaded a video of fellow YouTuber Mike Chen who had criticised and posted negative remarks about China.

Ng has since apologised and taken down the video entitled Uncle Roger Review Ugliest Dumpling Ever, which was a collaboration with food vlogger Chen who runs the Strictly Dumpling channel.

In a statement on Tuesday (Jan 12), Ng apologised, saying he “wasn’t aware of (Chen)’s political thoughts and past incorrect remarks about China”. He also added that he will be “more careful when (making) content in the future”.

Chen also said that he “loves Chinese culture and hopes to keep making even better videos to entertain (his viewers) in the future”.

Ng first became famous in July 2020 when his Uncle Roger YouTube videos went viral after his scathing but humorous review of an egg fried rice video by BBC Food.

In the video entitled Uncle Roger Disgusted By This Egg Fried Rice video, Ng expresses mock horror as food presenter Hersha Patel drains the cooked rice with a colander and then rinses it with running tap water, with his famous “Haiyaa!” expression (to express disappointment).

Since then, Ng, a former data scientist, has reviewed many more egg fried rice videos, including those by famous celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay. While he expresses comic shock at Oliver using olive oil and chili jam to make egg fried rice, he goes “Fuiyoh!” to express how impressed he is with Ramsay for using the right local ingredients, correct technique, and a proper wok.

Today, Ng’s Uncle Roger channel has more than three million subscribers, with that first egg fried rice review video having garnered over 20 million views.

In his latest video uploaded on Jan 3, it’s Uncle Roger’s turn to be reviewed as he makes egg fried rice as promised when he reaches three million subscribers.

His egg fried rice is reviewed by Michelin-starred chef Elizabeth Haigh (whom he refers to as Auntie Liz) of Mei Mei restaurant in London, England, in a video that also features all the hilarious rib-tickling outtakes of the session.

Even celebrities like Australian-Korean singer-rapper Bang Chan has noticed Uncle Roger’s egg fried rice reviews on YouTube and says: “You’ve got to make the egg fried rice well or else some uncle is going to get very disappointed…haiyaa fuyoh…”

The leader of Korean boy band Stray Kids has tried to make egg fried rice with all the “correct steps” which he hopes will be “approved” by Uncle Roger.

But not only has Ng’s Uncle Roger persona gained a huge following online, there’s also a Malaysian eatery in Kuching, Sarawak, named Haiyaa Breakfast after his famous catchphrase. The stall’s logo is an illustration of Uncle Roger in his infamous pose, with hands holding his head in mock shock and leg on chair, going “Haiyaa”. – The Star