Hotpot assault victim turns out to be son of another Datuk

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The victim who was assaulted by a Datuk and his accomplice at a hotpot restaurant in Petaling Jaya turned out to be the son of a prominent figure in the construction industry and also a Datuk.

Sin Chew Daily reported that the victim’s father is Perak Chinese Assembly Hall’s deputy president Datuk Kwan Foh Kwai.

Kwan told the Chinese daily that a police report was lodged the same night after the incident.


“It is regrettable that this happened. I am not going to deny it was my son, because I do not wish to see unfair posts made about him being circulated online,” he was quoted saying.

He said at the moment there are no plans to initiate any legal action against the assaulters.

The Datuk suspect, 42, and his accomplice, a 39-year-old man, were arrested yesterday.

Petaling Jaya district police chief Assistant Commissioner Nik Ezanee Mohd Faisal this morning said the suspects have been remanded for two days starting today.

Miera Zulyana

The incident purportedly took place on Tuesday night at TST Hotpot located in Tropicana Avenue, Petaling Jaya where the victim and his girlfriend were having dinner.

According to witnesses, the Datuk and his friends entered the restaurant and appeared to be visibly drunk.

The group were reportedly heard talking loudly and seen shouting at restaurant workers repeatedly.

The victim is said to have confronted the purportedly inebriated group and asked them to keep their voices down.

This angered the Datuk, who then left the restaurant to make a phone call.

Shortly thereafter, witnesses said two men clad in black T-shirts entered the restaurant and asked the workers to point out the person who had confronted the group.

After identifying the couple, the men reportedly proceeded to physically assault them.

A video recording said to be of the incident has been widely shared on social media. In it, a couple can be seen being slapped around by men clad in black T-shirts. – MMO

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