Honouring Dads with the Greatest Gift of All

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Three little words you tell your mum, your partner, your children, maybe even your close friends, but why not dad?

A recent survey revealed that Malaysian dads often receive nothing for Father’sDay.

The study, carried out by rental company HomeAway, was done among countries like Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

The survey found that family holidays, dinner or tech gadgets topped the wish list of dads for Father’s Day.

When asked about the gifts they had received over the years, half of the dads surveyed said they had most commonly received nothing for Father’s Day.

More than 30 percent admitted putting in more effort into celebrating Mother’s Day while over 20 percent do not celebrate Father’s Day.

Father’s Day gifts to convey appreciation and love may be material things, pampering him or spending time with him.

But what can be the greatest gift of all, yet is often overlooked as compared to Mother’s Day, is simply saying “I love you”.

For grown-up children, it’s easy to say “I love you” to mum; she usually reciprocates with “I love you too”, and you both go hug, hug.

But it’s a bit awkward with Dads, one of the reasons being their reactions can often be bizarre.

Watch the video below on an I Love You Dad experiment by popular YouTuber nigahiga and you’ll get an amusing eyeful.

A gift is all the more precious when you need to dig inside you to give it, and not just at the expense of money and time.

So, if it’s been a long time (perhaps not since you were a kid!) you told your dad you love him, bring forth that love from deep within you and put it into those three words – a gift he wasn’t expecting, a gift he will cherish, a gift that stays with him forever.

You know you love your dad, your dad knows you love him (hopefully, on both counts!). But everybody likes to hear they are loved and don’t let anybody tell you differently.

If everyone says “I love you” to their dad today, no father need say they received nothing on Father’s Day.

Many people have confessed to not remembering the last time they said “I love you” to their father, with many regretting it after their father were no longer alive.

If your dad is not around anymore, listen to the song below and cherish the memory of him. At the end, you can still whisper, “I love you, Dad.”

A blessed Father’s Day to all dads.