Woman Converts to Islam, Marries Sweetheart with Stage Four Cancer

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Love that knows no bounds.

Andrea Adrianna Law Abdullah, 31, converted to Islam to marry Alfian Rizal, 31, who is suffering from stage four colon and heart cancer which was diagnosed in March.

The couple was pronounced husband and wife after their ‘akad nikah’ ceremony in front of Melaka Islamic Council Marriages, Divorces and Rujuk chief registrar Mohd Shokri Mustaffa on Aug 26.

Khairunisah Lokman/NST

The New Straits Times reported that Andrea said she is utterly sincere in marrying Alfian, who is her best friend.

“I am sure he is the best match for me,” said the Sarawakian, who embraced Islam last year.

The couple met when they were studying at the Multimedia University in Melaka 12 years ago.

Recounting how Alfian was diagnosed with his dire illness, the bride said it all happened in 2015.

“He often complained of fatigue and later was admitted to a private hospital for 10 days due to blood loss. However, at that time, the doctor had yet to determine the cause.

“Last year, Alfian was admitted to hospital again, and the doctor still could not find the cause.

“Early this year, he started developing jaundice symptoms and was referred to the Selayang Hospital. Only then (were we told he has stage four cancer),” Andrea said.

Khairunisah Lokman/NST

Alfian is the only child of Rizal Abdullah, 61 and Aisah Selamat, 57.

He said Andrea has always been by his side.

“She has always been by my side, even during difficult times. I am touched that she is willing to accept me even in my condition now,” Alfian said.

“Alhamdulillah (thank God), my prayer for her to marry me was answered.

“InsyaAllah (God willing), we will soon be leaving for Guangzhou, China, to undergo chemotherapy treatment.

“I hope that my condition will improve,” he added.