Teh Tarik Pulled in the Sky

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AirAsia flight attendant pulls teh tarik 36,000 feet in the air.

The AirAsia Group EO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes uploaded a video yesterday on social media, capturing one of his air stewards skillfully pulling teh tarik on board a flight.

“Check out our talented Ganesh. Making the best Teh Tarik at 36,000 feet,” said Fernandes in his Instagram post.

In the video, Ganesh is seen pouring hot water into one of two cups in his hands.

He then proceeds to ‘pull’ the tea between the two cups several times.

Handing the frothy beverage to an awaiting passenger, he smiles and says to the camera, “You want some?”

Fernandes did not disclose when and on which flight the video was recorded but there have been previous reports online earlier this year of an AirAsia flight attendant who appears to be the same person in Fernandes’ video serving teh tarik to passengers mid-flight.