Anwar: Malaysia not testing enough for Covid-19 cases

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Low testing rate not revealing the true number of Covid-19 infections.

Malaysia’s testing rate for Covid-19 is still dismal, as going by World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations, the country should be doing at least 138,000 or as many as 300,000 tests a day, said Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

The low testing rate is not revealing the true number of Covid-19 infections, and shows the failure of the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government, he said in a statement on Facebook,

“If 138,000 tests were conducted today, we likely would have identified more than 9,000 new cases,” Anwar said, citing WHO’s recommendation of 10 to 30 tests done per confirmed case as a benchmark of adequate testing.

Zhafaran Nasib/The Star

The PKR president said he is baffled with the way the PN government is handling testing as well as the national vaccination programme when it has emergency powers to carry out necessary plans.

“The country has been under emergency since January but the government with emergency powers had to plead the private sector to help assist with testing and vaccination.

“It is clear that PN is a failed government,” he added.

Anwar, who is Port Dickson MP, noted that cases have doubled since April, but daily screening figures were still the same.

He also highlighted Health Ministry figures which showed that 58,384 tests were done yesterday, of which 4,611 were positive.

This showed a positivity rate of 7.9%, which still exceeds the WHO recommended positive rate of less than 5% as an indicator that the virus outbreak is under control.

“As of yesterday, there has also been a 52% drop in testing from May 29, when the record high of 9,020 cases were reported. With a drop in testing, the number of fresh cases reported is also lower by 48%.”

“Malaysia on average reported 2,107 new cases per day in April 2021 and conducted 58,277 tests per day. In other words, we now have more than double the cases but are conducting the same amount of testing in April,” Anwar said.

“We are one of the highest rates of Covid-19 infection in the world and most cases are not tied to known clusters,” he said. – TMI