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Khairy: Get second booster, those aged 50 to 59

The Health Ministry has opened the second booster vaccination shots for Covid-19 to residents who have no comorbidities.

Composer Ooi Eow Jin’s son passes away

Raymond Ooi tested positive for Covid-19.

PM tells 7 million Malaysians who missed out to get their...

Seven million Malaysians have yet to take their booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine so far,

Covid-19: New cases continue to rise with 32,070 infections today

Malaysia recorded another new high in Covid-19 numbers, with 32,070 cases recorded in the last 24 hours.

Covid-19: Record high of 31,199 new cases bring total to 3,305,157

Malaysia recorded 31,199 more new Covid-19 positive cases in just the last 24 hours, breaking the previous record set since the start of the pandemic.

Only by 2025 will number of Covid-19 cases drop to 2020...

In Malaysia, total number of Covid-19 cases recorded in October dropped from 225,947 to 161,140 in November.

Covid-19: 487 deaths – 7 yesterday, 480 backlogs

The Health Ministry reported 487 new deaths from Covid-19 as at midnight, of which seven were deaths that had occurred yesterday.

Covid-19: Another record-high with 24,599 new infections

Malaysia has reported its most Covid-19 cases in a single day for the second time this week with 24,599 new infections today.

Covid-19: New high of 23,564 cases

With today's highest day on record of 23,564 cases, the cumulative number of cases is now 1,513,024.

Covid-19: Another record-high 22,948 new cases

Malaysia reported a record high of 22,948 new Covid-19 cases as of noon today.

Covid-19: Highest daily tally, active cases, recoveries today

Malaysia breaks triple Covid-19 records today, reporting its highest number of daily cases, active caseload and recoveries.

Covid-19: New record of 21,668 cases today

Malaysia made a new Covid-19 record with 21,668 cases in the past 24 hours.

Covid-19: Record 360 deaths in a day

A total of 360 people have died from Covid-19 in a single day.

Will Covid-19 cases surpass 30,000 daily?

What is more important at this juncture are the actions to be taken in bringing the pandemic under control.

Covid-19: New cases still soaring, with 20,889 today

Malaysia recorded a total 20,889 Covid-19 cases in the past 24 hours.

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