Anwar: This govt will last until next general election

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Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has expressed confidence that his government will last until the next general election.

“Wait for the parliamentary sitting, submit SDs (statutory declarations). There is no problem if motions are brought in Parliament.

“(What we have is) weekly drivel (on changing government) – before the fasting month, before Hari Raya, before Hari Raya Haji, before Thaipusam, Chinese New Year.

Ahmad Zamzahuri

“God willing, the unity government will stay strong until the next general election,” Anwar told reporters after attending the Malaysian Red Crescent Society’s anniversary event at its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, today.

He was commenting on claims that the opposition coalition Perikatan Nasional (PN) has enough “numbers” to unseat his government.

Bersatu supreme council Muhammad Faiz Na’aman recently put up a cryptic Facebook post that set tongues wagging.

BN deputy chairperson Mohamad Hasan recently denied that its MPs were involved in efforts to topple the government as certain parties alleged.

After making repeated claims of having the numbers since the 2008 general election, Anwar, who is also Pakatan Harapan chairperson, managed to secure sufficient support following the last national polls to form a coalition government.

Following a brief political deadlock, the coalition government was formed with 82 seats from Harapan, BN (30), GPS (23), GRS (six), Warisan (three), KDM (two), plus Parti Bangsa Malaysia (PBM) and the independent MP, Vernon Bahanda.

Although switching camps had become a common feature in Malaysian politics, the anti-hopping law passed last year would require an MP who defects to vacate his or her post.

Political parties can still shift their allegiance en bloc, but Harapan and BN have enough seats on their own to maintain majority control over Parliament even if GPS, GRS, Warisan, KDM, PBM, and the independent MP decide to back PN.

Such a scenario would leave BN and Harapan with 112 MPs – just enough for a simple majority.

The upcoming litmus test for Anwar’s coalition government is the six state elections in Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Penang, Kedah, Terengganu and Kelantan. – Malaysiakini