CMCO: McDonald’s Upholds Dine-In Ban, Continues Delivery and Drive-Thru Services

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McDonald’s Malaysia has banned dine-ins in all of its outlets nationwide, despite a government announcement permitting eat-ins at all eateries beginning tomorrow.

In a statement on its website, the popular fast-food chain said that the decision was made taking into concern the safety of its patrons.

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“Keeping dine-in closed, to keep you safe.

“Only McDelivery, drive-thru, and takeaway available. Till 10PM. For now,” the notice said.

In his Labour Day address, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced that almost all economic sectors can reopen tomorrow, subject to strict conditions.

He then used the example of Pak Salleh, to illustrate how the new normal for businesses should look like.

Muhyiddin said restaurant owners must make sure there is at least a two-metre distance between tables. This, he said, is important, so staff can move around freely.

“Pak Salleh must also place a notice on each table restricting the number of customers per table. If it’s a small table maybe limit to one person and for the bigger ones maybe three to four people.

“Then he must make a line of at least one metre apart at the pay counter to make sure customers keep their distance. Provide ample hand sanitisers and soap at the hand wash areas and buy disinfectants for the tables.

“Once the customer leaves, the staff must immediately clean the tables,” said Muhyiddin.

Apart from that, Muhyiddin said Pak Salleh and his staff must wear face masks at all times. He said the employers must provide these face masks for their staff.

He also insisted on temperature checks on customers before they are allowed to enter the premises.

He said that restaurants must also jot down the names and phone numbers of all customers who visit them.

“They must take note of the time and date the customers come in. This is very important as in case there is a positive case involving one of the customers, we can trace the other customers who were there at the same time,” said Muhyiddin. – MMO