Dr M peppers MH370 anniversary message with conspiracy theory

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Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad pointed out there is “no real evidence” to show that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 had crashed into the sea or land.

Sharing his thoughts on Twitter in conjunction with the ninth anniversary of the aircraft’s disappearance, he said the fate of the 227 passengers and 12 crew remains unknown.

“… Since then we have not discovered any evidence as to what happened to the plane. There may be talk about the plane crashing into the sea.


“But we have no real evidence to show that they crashed into the sea. We also don’t have any evidence that they landed anywhere or crashed on land. So, this is very disturbing for the relatives because knowing something happened to them is a relief,” he added.

Although hoping the search for the Beijing-bound Boeing 777-200ER would continue, Mahathir, however, said those whose loved ones were on the plane should also accept the bitter truth.

“We have to be patient. We have to accept this thing has happened. We don’t want it to happen but it has happened and we have to accept this plane has been lost along with the passengers and the crew.

“But if we cannot find the plane over the years, we have to accept that we have lost them, we have lost the plane and we have lost members of our family who were flying in that plane. That is something we need to accept, difficult though it may be,” he added.

Adding a conspiratorial twist, the former premier said: “Most probably they are no longer alive because when the plane is taken over by somebody else and flown to some other destination the fate of the passengers is certainly going to be that of the plane.

“What happens to the plane, happens to the passenger,” he added.

Two months after the plane’s disappearance, Mahathir had claimed that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) could be withholding information regarding the incident.

In 2018, the former premier revived one of the many conspiracy theories surrounding the disappearance, saying that MH370 might have been taken over remotely in a bid to foil a hijack. – Malaysiakini