Dr M’s Legal Adviser: Time for Authorities to Update on Sex Video

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Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s legal adviser, Haniff Khatri, said police and the Attorney-General’s Chambers should update the public on the status of the investigation into the sex video implicating Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali as it has been more than five months.


Azmin had denied that the man, engaging in sex acts with former Santubong PKR Youth chief Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz, was him and called it an attempt to destroy his political career.

“I hope Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador or Attorney-General Tommy Thomas, or both of them, can issue an official statement to inform the people on the latest status of the sex video case.

“Professionally speaking, after five months since the video emerged, it is of utmost importance that the authorities handling the case, be it the police or Attorney-General’s Chambers’ adviser on the case to issue an official statement on the status of the investigation into the video.


“This is to ensure that the rule of law is seen to be upheld and to dispel any negative perception about the delay in concluding this case,” he said in a statement.

Haniff is not Mahathir’s first adviser to have taken an interest in the case.

Mahathir’s special media adviser A Kadir Jasin had in June weighed into the case and proceeded to give various instances of ministers resigning over various controversies.

In July, Hamid said an analysis by Cybersecurity Malaysia confirmed the video was authentic but added that it could not be 100 per cent certain of the individuals in the video. – Malaysiakini