Mariam Mokhtar Tells PH: You Deserve to Lose

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Padan Muka, Pakatan Harapan (PH)! You deserve to lose. Soon after GE-14, you FORGOT about the rakyat who put you in power.

You became cocky after GE-14.

You became arrogant and some of your ministers and politicians, outdid Umno-Baru and PAS in terms of arrogance and entitlement.

You were our champions at GE-14, but four months after winning, many of the PH politicians settled into their comfortable roles, enjoyed the perks, the business class or first-class travel, loved their dinners with overseas fugitives, thought you were very important because you had bodyguards, stayed in 5-star hotels at overseas venues, and after savouring the spoils of winning, you assumed the role of Umno-Baru.


Did you (PH) get rid of racism and extremism? Corruption? Favouritism? Political mates?

No, you did not.

Did you introduce meritocracy in schools and public institutions, including government departments?

Hell, no!

Did you get rid of the people who used religion to undermine the rule of law…think tahfiz schools, the alleged corruption in JAKIM, the abuse of religion by individuals who are intent on fast-tracking their own souls to heaven, by treading on the rights of people of other faiths and of Muslims. You used might to frighten people.

You did not work fast enough on your reforms. You failed us.

Here is the list of people I want to thank:

Thank You, Dr Mahathir Mohamad. You seemed fine for the first four months after May 2018, but it appears you were merely testing the waters and testing our reaction. You knew Malaysians were an apathetic lot and after they had got rid of Najib, they gave you full rein to reign. So, you did as you pleased and members in your PH cabinet were too afraid of losing their positions, so they allowed you to run amok.


Thank You, Ahmad Faizal Azumu. Your video a few days before Tanjung Piai, was a catalyst for people to say, “Out with PH”. You are a one-man demolition squad. You destroyed democracy and true governance in Perak. You should rejoin Umno-Baru instead of pretending you are part of the PH coalition.

Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Faizal Azumu.

Thank you, the silent PH ministers who allowed the “Boy Blunder” to be the mouthpiece for PH and allow him to mak sebok (interfere) in other ministers’ remits. He dined and wined a fugitive from India, a destructive figure in the world because of his views and influence. Our rakyat is being led astray, like lemmings over a cliff.

Thank you, the silent PH politicians who failed the integrity test by lying about their qualifications, and yet were allowed to continue to lead.

Thank you, PKR for a spectacular display of party infighting. The factions belonging to Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali and their supporters are really stupid. You should launder your dirty washing in the privacy of your homes. Right up to Tanjung Piai, the two factions were at it again. You cannot unite as a party, and you expect us to think you can lead Malaysia. You couldn’t even lead a brass band. Podah!

Hari Anggara

Thank you to the previously vocal politicians, who, when they were a lowly, bunch in the former Pakatan coalition, were very vocal against Umno-Baru/BN but when they became the ruling coalition, they became as silent as the grave.

Thank you to the Muslim politicians (you know who you are), who gave racism and religious extremism a new lease of life by saying “Islam needs protecting, and the Malays need defending”. From whom or what? Tell us. As far as we can see, Malays and Muslims need protecting from daft Malays and Muslims who are consumed with a lust for power and material goods, and don’t know how to lead.

Thank you to the non-Malay politicians, who are afraid that if they say too much, they may be ejected as MP or minister. You thought of your own positions, but not the rakyat’s suffering.

We all know what’s going to happen next. Umno-Baru will be emboldened after their string of by-election successes, since GE-14, and they will win more seats in future by-elections.

Disgraced Najib Abdul Razak will probably be let off scot free. Already he has mocked the courts with his MCs and continual pseudo illnesses and excuses. His former deputy, Zahid Hamidi, the friend of the Malay triad, Tiga Line, will resume his privileged position by Najib’s side.

All the money laundering charges and criminal breach of trust (CBT) charges against the former leaders of Felda, Tabung Haji, Umno-Baru and other public institutions will be dropped, and the fraud will continue. The corrupt politicians will say, “business as usual” after the slight hiccup of PH in power. The Red Shirts will be energised.

Racism and extremism will rear their ugly heads again. More than before!

JAKIM will get a few more billion ringgits, to silence vocal Muslims and keep Malaysians under control. More so than before.

SOSMA and probably other draconian laws will be further strengthened because the politicians, especially the top, will want us to keep quiet. Why should we keep quiet?

DAP, and Amanah and PKR have let us down, mega big time.


The job to get the country on the right track again, is ours to do. We cannot depend on PH anymore. Speak out, and never give up.

If DAP, Amanah and PKR want to get this country back on its feet again, their politicians should also SPEAK UP and do NOT be afraid to oppose Dr Mahathir Mohamad and BERSATU.

Padan muka PH. You deserve to lose. –