Forget it, Zahid tells group pushing for early party polls

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There is a movement within Umno paying off the grassroots to get them to push for the party’s polls to be held before the next general election, claims Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Addressing the 2,666 delegates from across the country at today’s Umno general assembly, Zahid also alleged that the movement was also trying to pay off members at the Johor and Melaka elections as well as yesterday’s Wanita, Youth and Puteri assemblies.

“This is a borderless world, so I know,” he said.


“Forget about all that. It is important that we are united to face the general election together.

“I’m sure they have no motive. These are my friends. One glance at fish in the water, and I know if they are male or female.”

Zahid said 186 of the party’s 190 divisions had agreed that the party’s elections be held after the general election, which the president noted has always been the tradition for Umno.

“Let’s not put on our shoes before putting on our socks,” he told the delegates.

He said that as per Umno’s agreement with the Registrar of Societies, the party elections must be held before Dec 29.

The next general election must be held before Parliament’s term expires in May 2023, although Zahid has been among those at the forefront calling for the polls to be held earlier after Barisan Nasional’s convincing wins in the recent Melaka and Johor elections.

Daring members who are “brave enough” to contest his post in the party, Zahid said he knew there are those who have already started planning their election campaigns.

“The president used to be the defence minister, he had intelligence under him. The president also used to be the home minister, he had SB (Special Branch) under him,” he said.

“I know who are the cartel managers, the chief managers, the financial managers. I know.

“Enough…enough…let’s wait. The party has to be united for the general election.” – FMT