Govt to Proceed with HSR Project, Looking at Cutting Cost and Reducing Speed

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The HSR will be part of the RM140 billion Bandar Malaysia project.

The government will go ahead with the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail (HSR) project but is looking at cutting its cost and reducing its speed, according to Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“We’ll have to find out what is the most suitable speed that we should have. It’s not necessary for it to be 400km per hour. We’ll look into what is most suitable for this project,” he told a press conference after the Bandar Malaysia signing ceremony today.

The HSR will be part of the RM140 billion Bandar Malaysia project as the development will serve as Malaysia’s first integrated transit-oriented development.

“We’d like to spend less money. It’s very expensive this HSR, but maybe we can scale down or do some adjustments in order to reduce the cost and maybe less speed,” added Mahathir.

He said the Bandar Malaysia project should be viewed in the context of a long-term development of over 20 years, of how it will have the opportunity to help shape Kuala Lumpur’s direction in the next few decades.

Mahathir pointed out that it is a potential transport hub that would change the way people travel; how it can provide a continuous boost for trade and innovation as a commercial centre.

It can be a model of quality city living of a liveable and sustainable development in this age of environmental consciousness, he added.

In April 2019, the Malaysian government approved the reinstatement of the HSR project after it was called off in May 2017. – The Sun Daily