Guan Eng: Lodge police reports against ‘desperate to disrupt’ Hadi

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Lim Guan Eng has urged Malaysians to make a beeline outside police stations to lodge reports against Abdul Hadi Awang to put an end to his “divisive, extremist and racist politics”.

The DAP chairperson claimed the PAS president’s brand of politics posed a threat to national unity and integration.

“Hadi is so desperate to disrupt, destabilise and even destroy the unity government led by Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, that he continues to openly target non-Muslims and non-Malays.


“Hadi now blames them (non-Malays) as the biggest group of plunderers, and those who give and receive bribes. This is nonsense when corruption is colour blind and a national problem confronting all ethnic communities,” Lim (above) added in a statement this morning.

According to Lim, Hadi had exposed PAS’ “naked pursuit of power regardless of the cost” with his caustic and baseless allegations.

He also pointed out that the government’s failure to act against the PAS president in the past had emboldened him.

“Hadi has no shame in repeating, again and again, the lie that minorities won the 2022 general election with a higher voter turnout than Malays, even though Malays have the highest voter turnout of all communities at 79 percent.

“How have Muslims lost power when all important positions in the country are held by Malays or Muslims? Even in the 28-member cabinet, there are only nine non-Muslim ministers. And out of the 148 unity government MPs, 77 are Muslims which is more than the 72 Muslim MPs in Perikatan Nasional,” he added.

Describing Hadi and PAS as a “clear and present danger to the vision of Malaysia belonging to all”, the DAP leader said such provocations cannot be ignored.

“In Hadi’s blind ambition to unite the Malays under him, Hadi has shown himself as prepared to betray and sacrifice the basic constitutional rights of non-Muslims and non-Malays.

“Failure to counter this dangerous attempt to sabotage, undermine and replace the unity government that has won a vote of confidence in Parliament would be tantamount to being disrespectful to the king and Parliament,” he added.

Lim’s father, veteran politician Kit Siang, was equally incensed and called on Hadi to explain why 10 of the 20 most corrupt nations in the world in the Transparency International 2022 Corruption Perception Index covering 180 countries are Muslim-majority countries.

Pointing out that it is not the first time the PAS president has unleashed such incendiary statements, he asked if Hadi could name the “non-Malay plunderers”.

“I would have thought that if Hadi is serious in believing that the Malays and Muslims had been conned for over half a century, he would hold Dr Mahathir Mohamad as bearing the largest responsibility as Mahathir had been prime minister for more than 24 years.

“Is Hadi alleging that the other prime ministers, going back to the first three who were also Umno presidents, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Razak Hussein and Hussein Onn, as well as Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Najib Abdul Razak, Muhyiddin Yassin and Ismail Sabri had also ‘conned’ the Malays?

“Is Hadi referring to all the MCA and MIC leaders since the founding of the nation, and the Gerakan leaders, as conmen and ‘plunderers’?” Kit Siang asked. – Malaysiakini