Ismail Sabri’s cryptic Facebook posting a hot topic on social media

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A social media posting by Defence Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob has raised questions on its meaning, with many thinking he was showing his disappointment with the many “backdoor” U-turns made on the full lockdown’s strict standard operating procedures (SOP).

The posting by Ismail, who has been the face of the National Security Council’s daily briefings on the movement control order (MCO) SOP, contained a photograph of him closing the doors of his office.

The caption read: “I’ve closed the front door but…”, with a sad tear-face emoji attached.

The post did not refer to anyone or mention any circumstances, but Segambut MP Hannah Yeoh reacted by raising her concerns for Malaysia.

“I am worried for Malaysia if the defence minister has no confidence/control over his front door,” she tweeted.

Social media users too have displayed their own interpretation of Ismail’s post.

Social media user Abdul Muahiman questioned the inconsistencies in allowing some sectors to operate under the total lockdown. He said Ismail must monitor and take action immediately.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Hakim said the government flip-flop would only prolong the fight against the pandemic.

Many people also linked Ismail’s post to the last-minute changes in government policies after the minister had announced the total lockdown SOPs on Sunday.

This included the original policy that ministries can give operating and travel approvals to economic sectors, as essential services, during the lockdown.

Previously, the approval was granted solely by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Miti).

However, a day later, the government said that all approval letters to operate businesses or to travel for that purpose will come from a one-stop centre overseen by Miti.

It was also announced that all Miti approval letters valid for previous MCOs will cease to have effect from tomorrow, later amended to the day after tomorrow.

There were also cases of Miti giving approval for businesses that did not fall within the essential services category, including a brewery, to operate.

Ismail had to clarify that the brewery was not allowed to operate despite having a Miti approval.

As of 6pm, Ismail’s post has invited more than 5,000 comments and 4,000 shares 53 minutes after it went live. – TMI