Kampar Candidate Complains of Ballot Box Error

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Kampar PKR candidate Thomas Su Kiong Siong lodged a report with the Election Commission (RC) over ballot boxes that were allegedly marked wrongly during advance voting today.

  • Foul-up of stickers on ballot boxes
  • Votes removed from boxes 
  • Votes in wrong boxes will not be counted

Su said the mixed-up was uncovered when early voting began this morning at 8am.

“What happened was the ballot box meant for state assembly votes had the parliamentary votes’ orange colour sticker on the box, while the ballot box for parliamentary votes had the state assembly’s beige colour sticker on it,” he said.

At a press conference outside the state EC office at Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab here, Su said this mix-up could have confused voters.

He added that when he went to observe the voting process, an EC officer was seen removing the votes inserted into the wrong boxes.

“This is not a night market where you can choose the fresh fish. The officer had no business to open the ballot box before vote counting on May 9,” he added.

He said a similar mix-up was also reported in the Tanjung Malim parliamentary constituency, before demanding the EC explain the matter.

Ipoh Barat PKR candidate M Kulasegaran, who was also present, said the error would be costly for marginal seats like Kampar.

 “When votes are opened up for counting on May 9, votes that are placed in the wrong ballot boxes will not be counted,” he explained.

– Malay Mail