Kayveas makes comeback as independent in Ipoh Barat seat

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For the first time ever, a four-way fight is on the cards for the Ipoh Barat parliamentary seat.

Incumbent M Kulasegaran of PH-DAP will be facing off against BN-MCA candidate Low Guo Nan, PN-Gerakan candidate Chek Kwong Weng and independent candidate Tan Sri M Kayveas.

“Prior to this, we’ve only seen a two or three-way fight. So, it’s a bit shocking to see a four-way fight this time. I feel that the people of Ipoh know which party to vote for therefore, this kind of competition is not unexpected. I think it’s more important to focus on the dreams and hopes of the people and who can fulfil them,” Kulasegaran said.


M Kayveas is a former Taiping MP and was also the president of deregistered party MyPPP. He joked that the party “is in ICU.”

“Now as an independent, we are free from any political parties controlling us so we can decide where we stand.

“I feel that representing political parties and kowtow-ing (bowing) to political leaders have become a norm in Malaysia.

“I think they (the voters) should select independent candidates who are capable and can represent the people’s voice,” he said.

Kulasegaran said “the more the merrier” when asked about Kayveas’ participation.

“Though, I’m not sure why he is not going back to Taiping to contest,” he quipped.

In the last GE, Kulasegaran beat MCA candidate Cheng Wei Yee with 55,613 votes against 9,889. He went on to become the Human Resources Minister under the Pakatan government.

Low, who is the Perak MCA public services and complaints bureau chief admitted that it’s not going to be easy to go up against Kula, who had held the Ipoh Barat seat for four terms.

“But I will try my best to campaign to win the voters. If given the mandate, my focus will be on improving people’s welfare and making Ipoh great,” Low said. – The Star