Latest MySejahtera issue: Disappearing appointments

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In the latest of a string of problems encountered by MySejahtera users, some have complained that vaccination appointments offered to them on the application have disappeared overnight.

What’s worse is that, for some, the vaccination appointments they were previously given could not be found after checking the National Immunisation Programme (NIP) website.

The website allows users to check their vaccination status. Those who registered but are awaiting their appointments will see their application is being processed, while those who received their appointments would see the appointment details there.

Others who called the NIP phone hotline were told the appointments do not exist in the system.

However, there are complaints that it is very difficult to get through to someone via the hotline, and that it often redirects callers to a pre-recorded message.

One such would-be vaccine recipient facing this problem is the aunt of lawyer Syahredzan Johan, who was offered a vaccine appointment in Subang Jaya, Selangor when she actually resides at, and had registered with, a Johor address.

Taking to Twitter, Syahredzan said his aunt’s Subang Jaya appointment was then replaced following a complaint. The replacement, however, was another Selangor vaccination centre – this time at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.

He said his cousins then decided to just drive their mother to Selangor, instead of going through the hassle of trying to get another appointment nearer to her.

But this morning, they found that the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre appointment had disappeared from her MySejahtera application.

“It was not easy to convince a senior citizen to travel at short notice like this, especially when she has to spend the night in Selangor.

“But after my cousin managed to convince her, this morning, the appointment disappeared.

M Azhar Arif/The Star

“When they called the hotline, they were told (the appointment was) ‘not in the system’,” Syahredzan said.

He added that the notification for the appointment in Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre was received just yesterday (June 2), so it is not because they did not confirm his aunt’s appointment within 48 hours.

Earlier, the Special Committee On Covid-19 Vaccine Supply (JKJAV) said appointments must be confirmed within 48 hours, or they will be automatically re-assigned.

“Frustrated with the problematic system, my cousin decided to cancel my aunt’s registration on their application and re-register her (as a dependent of) another cousin, who also lives in Johor.

“Why is it so difficult to give the vaccines to the rakyat? Why are they treated like beggars?

“Please. Fix the system. My aunt’s case is not isolated as many others have the same experience,” he said.

He added it is worse when this happens to the elderly, to the extent that some have given up on getting vaccinated.

Others who replied to Syahredzan’s tweets said the same happened to their parents.

“The same thing happened to my mother. When we checked yesterday, the appointment was for tomorrow afternoon, but I checked again this morning and it disappeared.

“I rubbed my eyes many times thinking I must not be seeing properly, but it really was not there anymore.

“My mother is frustrated. She was already excited about getting a slot,” Twitter user Sapura Mahmood said.

Another user said her mother-in-law received a notification that her appointment will be tomorrow (June 4) at a vaccine centre in Gombak, Selangor but the appointment vanished earlier this morning.

“My husband got a call from the vaccine centre saying that the appointments which were offered yesterday were mostly cancelled by the system and that there are issues with MySejahtera.

“My mother-in-law was so excited to be vaccinated. It wasn’t easy to convince her to take the vaccine!” user @bamushi853 said.

Disappearing appointments are not the only thing plaguing MySejahtera users today.

Other issues faced included the application completely freezing and, when users reinstalled, various details seemed to have disappeared.

This includes results of previous swab tests taken, some social media users report.

Malaysiakini has contacted the office of Khairy Jamaluddin, the minister in charge of the NIP, to seek clarification on issues faced by MySejahtera users.

These latest issues come after users complained of being offered vaccine appointments hundreds of kilometres away from where they reside.

Khairy said this likely happened because users chose the wrong location when suggested by the Google Maps feature within the app.

For example, he said, a user in Taman Sejahtera, Kuala Lumpur may have wrongly selected Taman Sejahtera, Sandakan.

This may have happened when a user types “Taman Sejahtera” into the app and a list of addresses would appear – suggested by the Google Maps application programming interface (API).

This was, however, disputed by users who shared screenshots on social media of their MySejahtera app showing they had registered with only their postcodes but were assigned vaccination appointments in a completely different state.

Last year, the National Security Council said the MySejahtera application was developed by the firm KPISoft Sdn Bhd.

It said that at the time, KPISoft’s application was found to be the most ready to be implemented nationally compared to others offered to the government.

KPISoft is a Malaysian firm founded in 2010 and owned by individuals Anuar Rozhan and Raveendran Ramamoothie. – Malaysiakini

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