Mahathir: No chance of me working with Najib

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Former prime minister (PM) Dr Mahathir Mohammad has again stressed that he will not work with Najib Razak, who he describes as the person behind the country, government and Umno’s downfall.

Although the two of them had been friends, Dr Mahathir said the damage done by Najib when he was the PM was too great for any reconciliation.

“I am sorry as I cannot cooperate with this kind of person. He was my friend, the one who promoted him was me, but what he did – damaged the country, the party, the government – tarnished our name,” said the two-time prime minister during an online interview with Sinar Harian today, which was live-streamed.

The nonagenarian was asked whether he was ready to forgive Najib as he forgave PKR President Anwar Ibrahim before they collaborated in Pakatan Harapan ahead of the last general election.

Dr Mahathir explained that the court had found Najib guilty and there were many other allegations that had not been tried involving money that was said to be stolen.

“Money was stolen, and this was reported even in the US…he was found guilty in court and many charges have yet to be tried.

Lim Huey Teng/Reuters

“From the Asian Tiger, we became a thief government due to Najib’s work.

“I’m sorry I can’t cooperate with him,” the Langkawi MP reiterated. – TMI